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  2. Hello, Did you try to open the same file with HyperGraph? Because Compose borrows HyperGraph readers, which means that probably it won't open there either. Depending on how the file has been written by the solver, some results are not available in HyperGraph, which leads for them not to be available in Compose as well. Regards, Roberta
  3. Hello, I have quite the same problem, using Base excitation (Simsolid latest release 2019.4.1). Just considering a simple input (constant acceleration 1m/sec^2) I can't obtain the same results between FEM analysis and Simsolid. Simsolid seems to convert and use the input acceleration in the wrong way respect to traditional FEM. Does anyone have already check the right correlation between Simsolid and FEM results in frf acceleration vs freq analysis (Base excitation)?
  4. Hello everyone, I am learning to use HyperMesh and Acusolve and I am currently trying to create a CFD Tetramesh in HyperMesh and export it to AcuSolve. To get used to the software I've chosen to start with a Mesh for a very simple pipe-geometry. For creating the CFD Tetramesh I've followed all the steps in the following tutorial: https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/engsol/engsol.htm?cfd_1800.htm After creating the Mesh I've exported an inp. file for AcuSolve. The Problem is that once I import this file in AcuSolve no Volumes or Surfaces are shown. Maybe I'm missing something important or doing something wrong. I'd be grateful if someone can give me some tips. I've uploaded all the files that I've created so feel free to check them. Thanks in advance. Geo files.zip
  5. I think that a possible solution could be if I could turn on and off the contacts on different loadsteps. Is this possible in Optistruct? If yes, how? Thanks in advance for your answers! Regards, Szilard
  6. Hello Balaji, a short introduction how to use components is given in the ProMan user manual chapter 6.1.7. Generally we recommend to place the TRX (better use TRX instead of Tx & Rx) and the antennas first. Then place the splitters in the next step. And finally connect all the components using cables. The TRX have one input and one output port, you need to select the output por for the cablingt. The splitters have one input port and 2 (or 3) exit ports, so you need to select for the first cable (or the first two cables in case of 1:3 splitter) which exit port shall be used. Best regards, Reiner
  7. Hi, exporting solver deck from Hypercrash will include names of parameters.
  8. hello everyone, i am modeling the impact problem, a sphere penetrating into Metal plate. i want to model the metal plate by fem elements and when it is imapcted and deformed too much , the elements can convert automatically SPH particles. i know in radioss SOL2SPH can achieve this function, but i can not find any example about using SOL2SPH, is some one give me help about this ? thank you very much! 111
  9. Hi all I got a starter file, and it is wrote with name of parameter and value. for example, like this picture I am trying to export my .rad file, but it has value only. like this it is difficult to check and edit the .rad file how can I fix it? thx
  10. Hi thanks for answer. I used that tools however i couldnot finish. If you have any example could you please share with me
  11. Try to put your commands in a proc & call this proc via -command ? Remember : the valid command is "*create....." not "create...."
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  13. Hi all, I created an GUI in hypermesh. However i can not activate command from TCL gui. Here is a simple code ::hwtk::button $f.b1 -text "Text Button" -help "Text only" -command {createentity comps name=component3} If anyone knows how to do that, could you please show me? Regards
  14. Sorry mate, I forgot it ! If I understand, do you want to apply an SPC following a "relative" direction ?
  15. This ran through with both set to 400 steps as you last sent - using the latest (or close to) official releases of both codes - OptiStruct 2019.2 and AcuSolve 2019.1. The only thing I can suppose is that the older version 2017.2 you're using (likely on the OS side) had a bug in the stopping mechanism that has since been fixed. I've attached the OS .out file, along with the OS .h3d file. Are you able to update your installations to the latest release(s)? ailette-with-f.h3d ailette-with-f.out
  16. Am currently exploring how to integrate components into my ProMan simulation model. I've learnt that cables can only be connected between two existing components using mouse pointer. I am however finding it difficult (oftentimes frustrating) to understand couple of error messages that keep popping up when I try connect splitters -splitters , splitters-antennas etc., 1) Could not connect cable, not enough exits available on components and 2) Cannot connect cable, connection would cause a closed circuit I suppose I may need some tutoring on basic fundamentals that govern cable connection principles. I could not find much help in ProMan user guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day Balaji
  17. thanks i have solved this problem! thanks again, have a good day!
  18. Hi Iooking for metalic material for a tunnel to use in winprop to simulate a EM propagation at 5.8GHz in circular (diamiter 7m) tunnel with a metalic wall. is it possible to get that material model to import in the sdata base? Thx Mohamed
  19. Dear all, Currently, I am investigating a rather large linear induction machine (LIM). I started with a transient 2D model without experiencing any trouble. However, for my research I would like to see the effect of slits in the secondary material, thus, my work proceeds to be in the 3D domain. Due to the size of the LIM, difficulties arise with regard to the computational load, obviously. Now, to ease the burden of the PC, I reduced the full model to a periodic section and applied periodicity to the end faces. Unfortunately, during solving the model encounters an error that states: "Remeshing of mechanical sets is impossible" due to an "Incorrect permutation" when a box of compressed air is used around the moving parts. When the compressed air region is replaced by a moving air the solving procedure experiences an error that says: "The geometry has been modified during the solving process to take into account the mechanical sets. The verification of confused points is not allowed." Could somebody please provide me more information related to this error? As I am unable to resolve this situation. I am willing to send the model when necessary. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Matthijs Kleijer
  20. インストール後、起動するとすぐに落ちます。エラーメッセージなども出ないのですがどうすれば起動できますか?
  21. Hi all, I am simulating quasi-static compression tests of battery packs. Due to the reason that this model should be used for high-velocity impact tests as well, it is necessary to set up the polycarbonate with the Johnson-Cook Material law. According to the hardening exponent n has to be between 0 and 1. According to a publication of the "Army Research Laboratory" the hardening exponent is evaluated to 2 for this specific polycarbonate test specimens (they carried out several compression tests at different strain rates and temperatures): These JC parameters have already been used for other simulations. These simulations have been carried out with LS-DYNA. Here it is possible to enter a value for n which is larger than 1. Furthermore i found hardening exponents for other materials which are larger than 1 as well. So, do you have any recommendations what I could do? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael
  22. Is there a way to easily plot the same handful of datum lines (at least 8) across several plots and pages, both now and in the future? I would like to be able to hit a button and have the datum's automatically configured and displayed as opposed to defining them each time I want to create another plot which is very time consuming.
  23. Hello, I am having troubles with extracting 1D strain from op2 files using compose. I used the function ' readvectorbuilder', when I choose 1D strain from the panel, I couldn't select any CROD element that I have defined previously. (see the image below) P.S: with H3D file it is possible to extract 1D strain of CROD but i have to use the op2 file since it's nastran standard .
  24. Agreed. But, Some nodes are beyond the range of equivalence which would prove to be difficult.
  25. Hi Nandan, Thanks for support. Really appreciate. Regards, Mayur
  26. Hi Mayur, Please write to support@india.altair.com, where we can assist you further. It would be helpful if you could also send us the recording of the tutorial model, where you see no results. Regards, Nandan
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