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  2. Pranav Hari

    Shear stress in a tetra mesh

    Hi rea2 Did you mean extracting the shear stress from Hyperview? You can check this then, click on contour option 2 Toggle the Result type to elemental stresses, Max shear and selection option to elements 3. Select the element which you want to view the shear stress and click apply
  3. Ivan

    Control cards usage

    Hi, please refer to Radioss help (help>hyperworks help home>radioss or F1). Tstop is the simulation end time. Tfreq is frequency to write either animation or history plot file.
  4. I have a moving rigid body and 3 concentrated loads (one each for x,y,z) on its master node. Besides, I have an output block for REACX, REACY and REACZ for this node and I'm able to plot the forces for that node in Hypergraph. However, what I'd like to do is visualizing the resultant force vector in Hyperview, as an arrow/vector in real time during the movement, to determine whether the resultant points in the desired direction. Is there a way to do this? I use Hypermesh & Radioss.
  5. Livil Lyle

    Closing of a

    Hi, In your code, destroy .window11 will close the window. Not sure how to close it as soon as you enter a value.
  6. MarioW14


    Unfortunately not atm. I have to wait untill our Server gets maintained. I will report back as soon as I tried it with version 2017.3.2.
  7. Ivan

    How to change direction of motion

    Hi, a negative value should reverse the rotational direction. Maybe there is some other modeling issue. Try reversing the joints or markers on which motion is defined (flip the axis used for rotation).
  8. Thank you Tinh, we fixed the problem!
  9. rea2

    Shear stress in a tetra mesh

    Thank you for your help! I know how to set up skews, but unfortunately it does not solve my problem. What I would need is a possibility to calculate the shear forces in each element, so the forces in the two directions which are normal to an axis which is normal to the meshs surface (which is a bit different for every element). I hope this is understandable ...
  10. Hey guys, I created a .tcl-script which opens a window where I can put in a reference temperature. After the value is entered, I would like the window to be closed automatically and hence to exit the program. I can't find any commands (like an exit-command) that work the way I want them to. Can you help me out on this topic? Kind regards, Simon Attached you can find the script: convert.tcl
  11. ydigit

    Velocity profile in boundary condition

    HyperMesh 2017.3 does support Nodal Boundary Condition of the type Linear.
  12. rea2

    not able to get max shear stress value

    I use Radioss. Isn't it possible in Radioss?
  13. mohamed amine

    Control cards usage

    Hello ! I dont have much knowledge about hyperworks and I work on a project about mechanical shocks but i'm having problems with control cards,like Tstop in RUN and Tfreq in ANIM DT and TFILE. Please can i have an explication. thanks a lot .
  14. yes, 1) find holes 2) washer split holes 3) automesh upper faces 4) drag down to generate hexas
  15. Use hm_measureshortestdistance, too
  16. guardianzm

    How to change direction of motion

    Hi, Prakash Pagadala I have defined two rotational motions with linear velocity values. And they behaved as counterclockwise rotation. While they are supposed to be changed to clockwise rotation. How can I do it?
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  18. Prakash Pagadala

    How to change direction of motion

    Hi, Can you share details?
  19. Prakash Pagadala


    Hi @MarioW14 Can you update the solver to the latest ( I am using 2017.2.3 and works) and try again?
  20. Hello Premanand, It could work if I try to manually add the mnf output directions in the nastran input file as you said, but that would be very manual. Though I might just have to do it in the end, I was hoping that the Hypermesh (Nastran) profile already had a way to allow for mnf generation. Thanks
  21. MarioW14


    Hi, thanks for your help. I sent you the .fem file. Hopefully you'll find something.
  22. It seems that a minus sign before value does no help to the problem...
  23. sumeet

    Importing Hypermesh file to ANSYS Fluent

    @ Ydigit, Thank you very much sir.
  24. Thanks for the support!
  25. francesco aloschi

    diffrent thickness assign on mid surfaces

    thank you so much for this help it worked finally
  26. Dear All, is it possible to automate hex mesh for Flange (see ref Image attached) with washer around holes (holes may more than 2) . Any idea...Please Suggest... @tinh Regards PD
  27. @tinh I have FE node, how to find nearest surface?
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