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  2. I tried many times, but didn't output the. dens file. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.
  3. I tried many times, but didn't output the. dens file.hope you can help me. Thank you very much.
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  5. Can you give a final try by unchecking output request or param cards defined.In the past we have seen this programming error is mainly observed because of output request /param.
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  8. Hi From pulldown menu Mesh>3d>shrink wrap
  9. not yet solved. Please find attached output file and stat file. MNGFRend.out MNGFRend.stat
  10. Hi Zoltaaaan, You can read about implementing HWAT in below link, Basically these functions simplifies the task than conventional scripting which require all the procedure to be written. https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/hwtools/hwtools.htm?hyperworks_automation_toolkit_introduction.htm If done right, the closest top node in red hex will point to the correct node in blue comp, Maybe if you can share two hm files, with initial components in one and final components welded together in another I can give it a try.
  11. Thanks tinh, Would you be able to direct me to what feature in HyperMesh can be used for this?
  12. Hi, I have created a brake disc and pad assembly and I want to simulate the heat transfer between the pad and disc due to friction. The model is working fine but for some reason there is no heat transfer both pads and disc are at 300K temperature. Any help would be really great. I have attached my model files. Kind Regards, Ahmed thermal_assy_0001.rad thermal_assy_0000.rad
  13. Hi, I am performing a Non Linear Transient Thermo- Mechanical Analysis., As part of that i would like to represent Element Birth & Death in Radioss/ Optistruct Is it possible to represent in Radioss? If so, tell me how? Thanks & Regards, Bhanutheja
  14. Learn more about Altair nanoFluidX here
  15. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. The global stress constraint you are talking about..is the "DTPL-constraint" right? What exactly to you mean with: a large differential in response values between design and non-design spaces ? Thanks
  16. Why need Patran when you have already Hypermesh? (The same question: Why need Peugeot when you have already BMW?)
  17. For stress, you just see but not read! Min and max are 31mpa so it is ok! If you want unifom contour, edit legend or try averaging results For disp, analysis system is CD field of GRID, i think you did not assign it. Use panel systems>assign
  18. Directions are same as master load
  19. Sir,I have completed my graduation.So what should I fill in the field named School? Also, they ask for valid proof of enrollment.For this what should I provide them with?
  20. Hi All, I am unable to use this command "*reviewmaterialorientation_option" Can anyone help ? TIA. Best Regards, Dhairyasheel
  21. I was using the 2018.3 version, which does not include this option. After downloading the 2019.1 version the problem has been fixed. Thank you!
  22. Ok, thank you. Could you explain me the procedure or indicate a guide or some tutorials, please? The region is more or less the included one inside the white line (hw). I would like to obtain a gradual refinement like in the second shot (hw1), or something like the third image (hw2) Bests Martina
  23. Hi PnP You can use tools such as path sweep, spin and sweep. The video of the microstrip spiral inductor should help: https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?f=2&kb=128345
  24. Hi, Wich version of Flux you use? Best regards.
  25. This is the error that is prompted during the exercise.
  26. Hi all, I'm getting very low plastic strain results in my simulations. the Von mises stress (422 MPa) clearly passes the yield point (355 MPa), however plastic strain only reaches a value of 0,007. This Von mises value approaches the UTS value of 455 MPa, the strain at uts is defined as 0,09. Can someone please explain to me how i can solve this, or explain why this is happening? beste_contactparameters_0000.out beste_contactparameters_0000.rad beste_contactparameters_0001.out
  27. Hi, everyone I remember I could convert 1D line to 3D model with width, height, and thickness in HFSS but it looks like CAD Feko only can convert 1D line into 3D wire with radius. Maybe, I can use "cubid" or "rectangular" instead of "line", then, I cannot create circular shape with rectangular cross section. For example, I want to make Printed Spiral Coil (PSC) with some thickness in Feko, how can I create it? I couldn't find information about it even in Feko manual. Many thanks in advance.
  28. If I create a rigid of a circular cross section how will it distribute the load(direction on each node)??
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