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  2. You can select nodes on a direction by *createmark nodes "on plane" Or "by cylinder"
  3. SimSolidで部品を変更したものを解析するには、変更した部品を含むアセンブリをプロジェクトに読み込むことで、解析条件などが引継がれます。 (参考: 下記ページの動画など) また、何らかの事情で、一部部品を削除し、新規形状へ差し替えることも可能でございます。 下記動画をご確認下さいませ。 部品の入れ替え方法.mp4
  4. Hi the script is thought about long time ago There are some ways but not actually efficient. First i toggle all green lines to form 1 surf only => project easily, don't need script But sometimes mess up the mesh! Then i loop with each surf to project nodes on them. Mesh is not mess up But script very slow because large number of small surfs Then loop with each node to find closest surface, faster as surf list as shorter (appliable because we can limit surfs in a comp) A script like this Createmark surfs 1 all (or $slist , example: surfs in a comp => faster) Foreach node $nlist ( Createmark node 1 $node Lassign [hm_measureshortestdistance surfs 1 0 0 nodes 1 0 0] => closestSurf x y z Nodemodify $node $x $y $z ) Then i .... am thinking other ways because above one still too long (so usually, i let it run finally, overnight. Tips: If you can divide a big model file to many files, each file has a few comps, above script will run much faster. And by dividing model you can run files on hm sessions simultenously.
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  6. Can this model checker do that? I think we need lsdyna solver to check unconstrained nodes in tied contact (like spotweld)
  7. Pls take a video clip and show what you did.
  8. Fem is finite element model, not geometry. You can export geometry to a file (igs, stp) and import it to hypermesh
  9. tinh


    How do you apply 10N? I want to see its curve. Is it final (equilibrium) state of model?
  10. お世話になっております。 本件、solver deck のoutputcontrol で、DISPLACEMENTからVELOCITYに変更したことによると確認できました。 これが、間違いないことを確認したく、学生版での制限項目なのかを確認させていただきたく願います。 よろしくお願い申し上げます。
  11. Without param card OS auto activate IR if model not enough SPC With param card .error due to you set it wrong!
  12. That position has a small edge Clean it up before generate mesh
  13. Nastran does not have ply and laminate cards
  14. Use Derived Loadstep Menu results>create
  15. Abaqus model => import into hypermesh => panel geom>surfaces>from FE => export new created surfs to STP, IGS...
  16. Your image is not clear. Pls describe real phenomena of what you are modelling
  17. Convert stl back to solid geometry, Subtract geometry parts Then convert geometry to stl to finish!
  18. Here is an example https://forum.altair.com/topic/18967-hypermesh-140-auto-save-script/?tab=comments#comment-39376
  19. 1. Under the Create menu, select Coordinate System to create a local coordinate system. 2. Use the placement options to determine the location of the coordinate system. 3. Click to place the coordinate system. 4. By default the newly created coordinate system is the active coordinate system. 5. Right-click on the Coordinate System in the scene or scene browser to change the Active status or to activate a different coordinate system. Note: The local coordinate systems only show a single plane by default. If needed, right-click in the scene browser on the desired planes to make them visible. You can get more details here: https://docsbay.net/creating-a-new-local-coordinate-system
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  21. Corrected the vector size in the MUX block and the issue got resolved. I would still like to know if I could use any other blocks to accomplish the same results.
  22. I've made a model of 3 point bending test. But there is always a sudden change of the curve. I want fix these sudden changes. I've made the zentral nodes BSC, in Vx, Wz,/Vy.Wz. Thank very much for the help! Vorversuch shell stahl e-p_0000.out
  23. Hi, just try to run it. It ran fine on my end.
  24. Hi, /PRELOAD keyword can be entered manually: with text editor into starter .rad file analysis>control cards>Unsupported cards
  25. Hello all, I have a state space system model which takes in 3 inputs and gives a single output which I am trying to model in Activate. The 3 inputs are time series signals and I am currently using lookup tables and the mux block to feed it into the state space block. When I try to run this table, there is inconsistency between the dimension of output port of Mux block and input port of State space block. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Also open to suggestions of using other convenient blocks for my simulation like signal generator or signalIN blocks. Thanks, Rajath
  26. Your welcome Sebastien, The tcl script I was referring to does not seem to be in the file exchange unfortunately. However extracting the tapered beams should be relatively straighforward. Basically, for each tapered beam or element with card image PBEAML, get the dimensions of both radii. From there you create a solid cone using the coordinates of nodes associated with the beams. Continue until all the beams have been selected. Then when all the cones are created, mesh the exterior with trias and then export to stl. The final step is to merge the cones in another software. If you haven't used tcl before then you should look into the help files to learn more about the hypermesh api. Your commands are also printed out in a 'command.tcl' file during hypermesh sessions.
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