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  2. Hi,Rahul R,Thank you。 I follow the Hs-1560 tutorial. As in the fourth picture, the required files do not appear. and there is a serious problem. Whenever you click the Directory button in Hyperstudy, the software will crash and exit. I don't know why, is there a tutorial or a case?
  3. I have a curve plotted in HyperGraph. I can add a noted to the graph that is attached to curve and shows the static value (Y axis value) of the curve at the location when the note is attached. I want to however show within the note the "current" value of the curve when animating. That is, for the note attachments point to follow the current time value during animation? I'm sure this must be relatively easy to do but can't find the correct Templex command(s)? Thanks.
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  5. Hi, Although this topic is called "how to assign property to rbe and rigid elements", what I would like to know is the opposite: how to remove an assignation I seem to have done to some RBE3 without being aware of it. I realized I had made a mistake when i showed the model by property, and also by material, and these elements didn't appear in grey colour. Thank you for your help, Julio
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  7. Hi @Merula I think the topology results are as expected. With inertia relief the object is "floating" and the stiffest design is the one where most material is near load application points, i.e. regions experiencing the most deformation. The force magnitude has no effect on topology optimization minimum compliance results, but ratio between different loads does. Try using DOPTPRM>DISCRETE to get better converged 0/1 design.
  8. Hi, This can be done by first assigning the nodes to a cylindrical coordinate system and then constraining radial and trasnlational directions with SPC and enforcing displacement in the tangential direction with SPCD. 1. From the Analysis page, enter the systems panel. 2. Select the assign radio button. 3. Make sure the entity selection switch in front of set: is set to nodes. 4. Click the yellow button nodes to open the extended entity selection window and select all. 5. Click the yellow button system to activate it and select the red colored system from the graphic window. 6. Click set displacement. The message on the footer bar “The analysis system has been assigned” appears. 7. Click return.
  9. Hi, 2 surfaces failed to mesh in your model. Unmeshed surfaces can be found in the automesh panel (F12)>unmeshed. The mesh failed probably due to bad geometry. One option is to perform automatic geometry cleanup Geom>autocleanup, but this option can suppress necessary feature edges. Some edges have to be manually edited with Geom>edge edit>toggle or (un)suppress (also in quick geometry edit panel F11). wing_top_edit.hm
  10. Hello, I am trying to make a movement of nodes as shown in the image. I want the movement to be lika a circle ( i dont want rectangular displacements). How would you recommend to do this? INitial point is 1 and final point is 2. I have tried an SPC with two DOFs constrained (x,y) with it respective displacement values in two DOFs 1 and 2. How would you recommend to make this displacemnet.? Thank you in advance for your itme.
  11. Hi, when the shell element size is small compared to thickness it loses validity. Solid elements are more appropriate for this object and you can perform shape optimization instead. Quote https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/shells-vs-solids-finite-element-analysis-quick-review-kuusisto-p-e- Constraining the hole where loads are applied effectively eliminates this load. I suggest you perform inertia relief analysis (PARAM>INREL>-2) instead. Reanalyse_Interpretation_edit.hm
  12. Hello, I am working on a wing and want to mesh it, but I get the error message : "2 edges failed nodal setup. Meshing failed." There are no T-connections, but I found 424 free edges. What steps do I have to take to get the full mesh? Regards, Julian wing_top.hm
  13. Have a look the script "default_component.tcl" within "hm/scripts/browser". Maybe you found some good idea to code.
  14. In the model you shared, only constraints are defined but no loads. Provide more details about the model (what is the simulation objective, loads,...). You should also check unit consistency, as material 2 has unphysically high Young's modulus and no Poisson's ratio. Please refer to Radioss>User Guide>Implicit Structural Finite Element Analysis for details about Implicit Analysis. Quasi-static Analysis Notes.pdf Implicit Structural Finite Element Analysis.pdf Check examples: RD-E: 1602 Dummy Positioning IMPLICIT Solver RD-E: 4200 Rubber Ring: Crush and Slide
  15. I'm using an older version of FEKO for an ongoing study and would prefer not to update until the study is complete. Does FEKO have an automatic update/hotfix system, or do updates and hotfixes have to be implemented manually? Thanks!
  16. Rodrigo, I suggest that you try again later to access Altair Connect, because unfortunately it is not possible to share these files here. And let us know if you have any questions or if you have any issue when following the steps above. Regards, Roberta
  17. Thanks Roberta, The Altair Connect isn`t working for new user registration. I`ll try again later. Could you host the Simport activate at this forum as attached file?
  18. hello everyone, i have a different result for the fe-analyse for my surface modell which i want to use for sizing to the results of the fe-analyse of the solid model. the result of the sizing is incorrect too... so first i need help to make the same fe-analyse results and second for the correct sizing setup. both models are below. thanks for your help and best regards. Reanalyse_Interpretation.hm Sizing.hm
  19. Ok. Thanks for clarifying this. Obviously, I must be doing something wrong during meshing. So if I specify minimum number of layers, will it be enforced only if the specified element size is reasonable? In the screen shot I've posted, the thickness of the block is 1 unit and I am specifying an element size of 1, which is equal to thickness. So in cases like these, the number of layers cannot be enforced?
  20. hallo everyone, I use hyperview to export a video(.avi).but why the video only shows the coordinate.
  21. Error with transient thermal - transient magnetic cosimulation. I´ve created the simulation following the flux documentation but after solving I get an error on the thermal side : BPR_RIDENT => REFPRO not found BPR_RIDENT => failed BPR_BSIMPLE => failed Also I can't see any result. The temperature remains constant.
  22. Hi, Thanks for your response. This is a company project, unfortunately I'm not able to share any confidential information unless you are an Altair member. If that is your case, could you please share your email? Regards.
  23. Hey ! In fact, there is a possibility to export the eigenvectors to *txt file (can be read easily via Python or Matlab) Well, the solution is, when you submit your job, go to HyperView and then select VECTOR : after that select your nodes and your system ... and click on Query Results ... Tell me if you find some difficulties Cheers !
  24. I don't know where's this script. But by checking .SES file, I found the format is simple. So you can write yourself the script :-)
  25. Hi, I want to solve bolt pretension as a subcase 1 and normal mode shape with bolt pretension as a subcase 2. Please refer attached file.fem Following error message getting from optistruct (Mfluid). 1) Error # 2310 - Mfluid card must be used above the first subcase. 2) Fatal error # 5255 - the number of wetted element for virtual mass exceeds the current maximum allowed with VMOPT, 1. (This error got after removal of bolt pretension subcase.) Under_Water_Tank.fem
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