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  2. That's what I thought but the model solved successfully and so I looked into it further. It seems Optistruct uses PARAM, AUTOMSET to switch the dependent to an independent Now I am wondering does the element still behave as an rbe3?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the file. In which part you compute the value of the Flux density (on the 2D grid)? you take the max value? Best regards.
  4. by the way, in OptiStruct you need to request STRAIN(H3D) under GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST. And them you will see Strains in the result file. P1 Major would be the Maximum Principal Strains.
  5. you can do pretty much anything in the legend options in HV. You can multiply your solver result by a scale factor (100) and in the 'Edit Legend' you can change title, and much more of your legend.
  6. Hi, actually you need to request SPCFORCES (SPCF output in OptiStruct). This will show you the reaction forces directly on your constrained nodes. Then you can plot them as a vector plot in HV.
  7. not 100% sure, but maybe the LOADADD is able to scale Temperature Loadings, using its scale factors 'S/Si'. Then isntead of using the TEMP as loads, you would reference the LOADADD collector. Need to try it.
  8. You could use HV Query for extracting and exporting these values as a CSV table. But I believe H3D would also be available for direct reading in SL (not 100% sure). In HM you can use Fields to map the H3D (or table) to your structural mesh. SL newer versions have added the 'Solutions' tab which make it simpler to perform MultiPhysics as the solution from one case is transfered to the other. I believe SL Learning Center has a couple videos about this.
  9. it really depends on what you're trying to model and what connection type you're representing. You could simplify things depending on the case. You could use a TIE/FREEZE contact also for connecting these dissimilar meshes. I'd say that it really depends on the stiffness of your physical connection.
  10. Hello All, I want to know, Is RAD model is good for small projects? I have a student based project and one of my friend was suggested to me go with RAD model but I don't have an idea about this model. Can anyone tell me which model is best for small projects?
  11. ・新たにAltair Licensingのライセンスサーバー設定を行った ・ライセンスサーバー(サーバーPC)の変更をに行った ・ライセンスファイルの更新を行った ・ライセンスマネージャ(Altair Licensing)のバージョンアップを行った 上記どれかに該当する作業を行った結果、ライセンスエラーなどが発生した場合は、お問い合わせの際に送付いただきたいファイルが5点あります。 ①エラー画面のキャプチャ ②HostIDの一覧画面キャプチャ ※Altair License Utilityは、HyperWorksをインストールすると自動的に付いてきます。 ③弊社もしくは代理店から送付しているライセンスファイル ④ライセンスログファイル デフォルト設定では、『C:\Program Files\Altair\licensingバージョン番号\logs』の中にログファイルが作成されますので、このログを添付して下さい。 ⑤「ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH」が設定されている環境変数の画面キャプチャ 上記のファイルを添付して、お問い合わせいただけるとスムーズです。
  12. @Rahul R I am using Optistruct to analyse and i want (Total Strain,%, Max. Principal ) in my report. Cld yu please let me know what to call in case control section and how to do posting?? Thanks, Nagaraja D
  13. Thanks Everyone. It worked. The output was there but iwas not selecting the Elements in the FBD plot correctly but the video helped. I output the Files in .fem and .op2 and used them in Hyperview along with advanced format
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a problem where i have applied the forces in the y direction on four sides of a beam and then i need to study the reaction forces and moments which are caused by these forces at the constraints points. I have used GPFORCE card in order to get the result but when i observe the result the values seem to be strange and unpredictably high. May i am not view the result in a correct way. Can someone suggest me how should i set the FBD pannel to get the forces & moment on the SPC base because of the applied forces. Also what is the different in the FBD plot for Free body force/moment and Resultant foces7moment and what does the ignore node set used for. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys , How to Scale temperature loading in Hypermesh for Optistruct solver? Of cource in the firs step calculation is linear, and I have 5 load case. I would like to define 200 temperature and I would scale it for the next load case. Is it possible in Hyperpesh for Optistruct?
  16. Hello, Does anybody know function for finding the closest point ID to another point (using tcl command)? Or probably to find the point ID using its coordinates? I find only command "hm_findclosestpointonsurface", but it gives only coordinates as an output when I need ID of this point. From Altair HyperWorks Help for scripts: Syntax hm_findclosestpointonsurface x y z surf_id Description For a given point on a surface, returns the closest other point on that same surface: xs ys zs dist Thank you in advance!
  17. Hello JJJ I have attached demo video on how to obtain modal masses and participation factors for each mode obtained & also how to animate deformations of modal results. Modal.mp4 Kindly let us know if you have any concerns. Thanks & Regards Nantha Kumar N
  18. Thanks for your respond. My first question, shall I extract “.h3d” file for only selecting the “Pressure” variable alone or I need to select all of other variables together ? The second question, the mapping features in SimLab require Table Format data in which cannot be extracted and the “.h3d” file cannot be used for the mapping ? The available example is showing that CFD analysis was also made through SimLab, but in my case I’ve completed the CFD analysis using AcuConsole/AcuSolve Solver. So that’s making it difficult to map the results in SimLab.
  19. Dear Acusolve support team, I am working on a problem of MCCB and I have received the losses information from flux user. As I am trying to perform a co-simulation , I faced the issue for the transformation. I tried using shift option in the transformation but entire mesh models do not transform.
  20. CMSを使った周波数応答解析サンプルです。 CMS_simple_model.fem: CMSなしの通常のフルモデルによる周波数応答解析 CMS_1.fem: CMSMETH(CBN)指定によるCMSスーパーエレメントCMS_1.h3dを作成 CMS_2.fem: CMSスーパーエレメントCMS_1.h3dを参照する周波数応答解析 CMS_1.fem CMS_2.fem CMS_simple_model.fem model.pdf CMS.PDF
  21. Hi Junta, How you solve this problem? I'm facing the same problem. Do you generate finer volume mesh? Regards
  22. HyperWorks、HyperMesh何れも、モーフィング機能を活用して、ヘキサ要素にフィレットを追加することができます。 HM_Hexa_AddFillet.mp4
  23. Hi, I have recently started using WinProp/WallMan/ProMan for modeling some indoor scattering scenarios and wanted to know where I could find the excel spreadsheet which had the material properties listed for empirical parameter calculation (as stated in the manual below). I have looked through the installation directory but did not find any .xls, .xlsx files. Would be great if someone could attach a sample. Thanks in advance! Anurag.
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  25. Okay I'll try that, thanks for your help!
  26. You can apply heat flux (W/m^2) to the surfaces - via the Simple BC type = wall on those surfaces.
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