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  2. sandeepballiwar

    Get Independent Nodes of Rigidlink

    hm_getvalue element id=123 dataname=independentnode
  3. hello everyone, How to get independent nodes of rigidlink using tcl commands? Regards, Sanket
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  5. Pranav Hari

    Altair Flux 3D - Translating Volume vs. Body?

    Hi pmmotorguy123 Can you please explain more about your requirement by sharing some images or the model.
  6. Hi, I am VERY new to Altair Flux, and I am using a student license, and as such I have been looking everywhere for some... tutorials. I am interested in simulating and measuring torque, and flux, for switched reluctance motor (SRM). However, I am having trouble with the most basic thing for a motor: how do I simulate the phase/coils and their currents? I am trying to do a 2D simulation. From this cogging torque tutorial from the official channel, I can't see at any point the author assigning current values, only modifying the physical dimensions of the BLDC. But I really need to simulate the current to create torque for an SRM. Basically, I wanted to imitate the youtube video, but where is the part where I assign current values? i am sorry if this question is basic, but I am just having trouble finding good tutorials (or documentation) for my specific problem. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I have fired a 3G static analysis in +Z direction in optistruct but when i see results my vehicle is not moving in +Z direction instead it is moving in lateral direction.. I have added .OUT file for review.. Can anyone here help me out please.... Pure_Mule3_Chassis MBD Vertical Load Analysis _29-01-19_97_3G.out
  8. Pranav Hari

    Opening problems

    Hi Nikita Solovyev This error message appears because the Nvidia Geforce series are not officially supported by HyperWorks. However, you can still work on it by ignoring the error. You may experience some graphical issues in the future. See the recommended GPU's for HyperWorks. HyperWorks_2017_Hardware_Recommendations_and_Certifications.pdf
  9. Hi all, I have fired a 3G static analysis in +Z direction in optistruct but when i see results my vehicle is not moving in +Z direction instead it is moving in lateral direction.. I have added .OUT file for review.. Can anyone here help me out please.... Pure_Mule3_Chassis MBD Vertical Load Analysis _29-01-19_97_3G.out
  10. Yes. I have applied by default settings. Therefore I can skip license setting step when installing.
  11. Yes. I have admin rights and I tried both Win 7 and Win 10. same problem.. Currently I am using Solver 2017 with HWD 2017.3 well.. It seems that I can not put HWD 2017.3 into a 2018 folder.
  12. Minoru Yubuchi

    Preference file of Activate

    Hai and Livio, Thank you for the advices. I changed the default working directory as your advices, then created a new model and tried to saved it, but the model was not saved in the directory (see the picture attached). Please let me know what I did wrong. Thanks, Minoru Yubuchi
  13. Dung the most handsome man

    Measure the porosity size

    Hi, Thanks for your answer.
  14. JFormiga14

    Pull Out Sandwich Analysis

    AS requested the .out file Ensaio Olhais_001.out
  15. JFormiga14

    Pull Out Sandwich Analysis

    Hi @Rahul R yes it is force vs displacement graph. This is a pull out so i'm thinking that the upper part of puxator could leave the surface with a really big force so because of that i put the contact only in the low part of puxator. So you think that i should take into account the layup thickness when making the contacts?
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  17. ganhai

    Preference file of Activate

    Hi Minoru, There is a way to force Activate to cd to given directory, using the startup script. 1. In Oml command window, run startupscript_edit 2. In the popping up oml editor, you can write a line of code such as cd('your working directory') 3. After making this change, every time when Activate is invoked, the CWD will be your preferred directory.
  18. I'm afraid i can't do that. But I've already solved my issue. I just went inside `\name.FLU\persistent\Jython_log\` and copied and pasted the logs into the flux command prompt. I had some issues doing so but I edited the scripts and now I have a new proyect that's nearly like the old one but wihtout the issues that I was facing. Thanks anyway!
  19. Hi, I'm trying to simulate a brake disc/rotor on Optistruct and i can't apply a rotational speed of 165 rad/s. The idea is to apply a rotational speed in the disc and apply the load of the pads. Sorry if it exists a thread with that info already, i wasn't able to find one. I tried with RForce card, putting 165.0 in the "A" parameter, but i don't think it workes because the disc expanded too much. I've also tried with the SPC/SPCD pair and it didn't worked. Anyone has an idea of how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  20. did you aplly the licence ?
  21. xicma

    What is the best System required for HM

    Thanks QNguyen. Please contact me ngduyhaichau.mx@gmail.com. i need a lot of your help. I have some issues on My PC qhen i up to Threadripper 1950X and Vega 64, 32GB ram , when i run on it, it just use 8-24% usually it run on 10 % of CPU even i set the NCPU to 16, the GPU seem doesnt work too, cause i dont see Fan run , i checked on Task manager too and it just use 1-2% GPU strenght. Do i have setting or apply code for it ? or install setting drivers ... ? I run it on inspire and inspired extrusion.
  22. In optistruct its the opposite of what you are saying (see link I posted in original post) I know abaqus is the same way from experience. The eigenvalues it solves for represent the the portion of the reference load needed to buckle. Say in my picture above where the eigenvalue is 1.867 it would mean Buckling_Load=1.867*Reference_Load. The contour/deformed shape it is plotting is the displacement shape for a particular mode.
  23. Hello, Would it be possible to send us your Flux project (directory name_of_project.FLU in a zip format)? I think it will be difficult to have an idea without it. Thanks Patrick Lombard
  24. Ivan

    Lattice structure

    There are no CBAR elements in the shared solver deck. Please review the *_lattice.out and *_optimized.out files for anything unusual. Unfortunately, I do not have experience with lattice optimization to be able to offer better suggestions.
  25. As different value of Young's modulus, you need different property.
  26. Hey guys, I'm trying to implement an algorithm for the Soft Kill Option in HyperMesh. An important step is to vary the Young's Modulus of each element depending on the element stress. As a consequence of the different stresses of every element, do I need to create a new material and a new property for every element? Or do you have another way to solve this problem? Kind regards and thanks in advance Simon
  27. Rahul R

    Pull Out Sandwich Analysis

    I believe you have some modelling inconsistency in your model. Upper arm thickness coincide with parte cima. Define contact between puxator and upper arm or honeycomb.Try all with freeze contact. Not sure about the graph.Is that Displacement vs Force graph? In above shared screenshot force magnitude is 3000 however in shared file it is 2500. Can you also share .out file of the run?
  28. Livio Mariano

    Preference file of Activate

    Hi Minoru, to know in which directory you are you can use command pwd. To change working directory command cd.
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