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  2. Hi Rahul, Thanks. What is the use of Phase Plot in dynamic analysis? Regards, Arul
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  4. Could you explain why your script is not doable with 30-40 comp?
  5. Hello I am trying to do an analysis on an optimization but I get error 61, I tried changing the Optimization Thickness to different values but can't get it to work. Unfortunately, I can't share the file. What to try now? I saw in another post, someone was having this same problem (See link below) but there is no conclusion/solution for it. I run Inspire 2018.2 My machine specs are Video: Radeon Pro WX 7100 Processor: Intel Xeon 4cores 8threads @ 3.7ghz Memory: 16GB Thanks and Best Regards.
  6. s3b1k3

    License error

    Hello! I'm encountering the same problem as above. Did you find any solution for this? (I'm also using Win10 64bit, Nvidia GeForce 820M and a full version of HyperWorks (not student edition)) I tried re-installing, but it didn't help. Thanks, Sebestyén
  7. Ivan

    initial stresses

    Hi Marta, Mr. George P Johnson is inactive since May, which is unfortunate because his Radioss expertise is greatly appreciated. The files can be found on hard disk with HyperWorks installation: <install_directory>/demos/hwsolvers/radioss/14_Truck_with_FXB/VPG_Flexible_body/Model_EIG/TRUCK_EIG_* The model is from a Radioss tutorial RD-E: 1400 Truck with Flexible Body. TRUCK_EIG_0000.rad.zip TRUCK_EIG_0001.rad.zip You're welcome.
  8. Sam Noor

    EW_BATCH Failed

    Hi there, So, I downloaded the Altair polymer extrusion software for the 15 days trial, and I also submitted a student license request. But I have not heard from you guys yet. I am facing a problem whenever I run the solver for this software. No matter what mesh size I choose, I get this massage "There are no GRF files in the project folder". Could you please help with that?
  9. Farzin

    Contact Penetration

    @Prakash Pagadala Hi Prakash, i found 2 wrong values in the model that i sent you. Could please correct them: 1- Node Set (ID= 2) ist redundant, you can delete it 2- The material Parameter for Material Meniscus (ID=3) ist E=59 and Nu=0.49 I am so sorry for the this wrong Settings With Best Regards Farzin T544.fem
  10. marta

    initial stresses

    Hy @George P Johnson could you share again the file TRUCK_EIG_0001.rad.zip and TRUCK_EIG_0000.rad.zip because I can't download them. I have some problems with /INISTA option. Thank you in advance


    When I check the element cards of the cfasts, they do not mention these axis systems, and when I export the model in bdf and open it, these axis systems are not referred in any element, or property. Is this only a graphical problem?
  12. Hi The model for which that script was based on, was already organized like that.
  13. Rahul R

    Frequency Response Analysis

    Please refer attached screenshot from help. Use below link to request free eBook on Dynamic analysis using OptiStruct. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-learn-dynamic-analysis-with-altair-optistruct/
  14. Could you explain why surfs and elems need to be in 2 separated comps?
  15. Hi , Need clarification regarding FRF analysis using Optistruct . What is the need of taking PHASE response in the tutorial - OS-T: 1300 Direct Frequency Response Analysis of a Flat Plate ?? Then what is the use of below responses ??/ Regards, Arul
  16. tinh

    Questions about composites modelling

    I think with PCOMPP, optistruct will consider it because we define STACK of PLIES with specified order, so Optistruct will realize that E is 'above' C and 'below' D . Am I right @Prakash Pagadala ? Or we actually have to set ZOFFS ? If any, STACK is not much meaningful.
  17. poorna chandra

    door Closing Analysis

    please tell me how to consider door lock,weather strip loads???


    In the pictures below, I created a ocnnection between the upper, middle and lower components. In the spot options i selected "2 sys per layer" and "use normal direction of the closest element to determine links". In the first connection, the systems don't have the same Y direction. But, after performing the connection between the middle and lower components, the first connection is corrected (both systems have the same Y direction), but that does not happen for the second one.
  19. poorna chandra

    door Closing Analysis

    hi ivan, i done that tutorial but can you give me suggestions that how to give spring connections before it is slaming to close,,,we need that effort ... and can u give me some solution s to fing stiffness and damper values ????and how to calculate
  20. Please use transient animation mode to post process output of Frequency response analysis.Modal animation should be used only for modal analysis outputs.
  21. can we calculate the rotational stiffness in hypermesh?

    require help in deleting nodes

    Hi, To delete temporary nodes: Geom > temp nodes > clear all N.
  23. Prakash Pagadala

    [Radioss] how to set material for a solid model using PROP/Type

    Hi, You can select the material for individual layers, Is this what you are looking for?
  24. daniel.buchberger

    BC with certain displacement allowed

    Hi Ivan, Thanks for your reply, then I'll try it with a workaround!
  25. Iulen

    Can't create 3D mesh

    Hi, thank you. I received the email but I'm waiting for Altair server to obtain my license in Altair 2017 since I can not open the file.


    Hello, When creating cfasts using the following command: 1D > connectors > spot > type CFAST ELEM (GA-GB) I select all the nodes imported from the cad model, then I select all the components of the model. This creates all the cfasts but, when viewing them in 1D Detailed Element Representation, some show the orientation axis, while others show the detailed representation. Is this because the connectors are not alligned correctly? How can I correct the orientation? Thanks for your help. N.
  27. Eric Lantz

    Questions about composites modelling

    Hello, Thank you both for your answers and your very interesting model tinh ! You can see on the picture below wat I want to have at the end with a cut on the XZ-plane. Here I just make translations of each part to show you but actually I want to ensure that the steel part E is overhead the layers of the group C independently from the thickness of the layers C (and the same between the groups C and D). It´s important for me especially for the optimisation part where the thicknesses are changing.
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