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    Mode Super position method

    can anyone explain Mode Super position method briefly ?
  3. Toan Nguyen

    SPC with curve

    Thank you very much for your help
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  5. Narendra Singh

    Bug report 0508/2018

    Hi Shawn, Question #2: "Seems to have a lot of bugs to report." Answer: Please let us know what issues you are facing. Python windows that you see are not for debugging purpose and we do not recommend our extrusion customers to open it. Inspire Extrude does lots of automation ( geometry cleanup, automatic mesh generation, mesh clean up, BC creation, solver export) in background hence model has to adhere to CAD the guideline for extrusion.
  6. Narendra Singh

    Bug report 0508/2018

    Hi Shawn, Questions #1: "Material text seems to be editable in property editor" Answer: We do not recommend to change material from the property editor for Inspire Extrude. Thank you for reporting. We will inform this to our development team.
  7. /PRELOAD というカードで、ソリッド要素で作ったボルトに、簡単に予張力を入れることができるようになってます 作業動画 preload.mp4 入力ファイル preload01_0000.rad, preload01_0001.rad
  8. Hello, I have a script that I call from MATLAB. The script is called from the command prompt which opens Hypermesh and uploads a solver deck into the Hypermesh gui. The problem I face is that the .fem file does not upload into Hypermesh as long as MATLAB is running its own script. Also, importing any other solver deck into Hypermesh does not work either unless MATLAB is paused or by starting a new instance of Hypermesh. The code used to upload the fem file is here; #threshold values set solid_domain_threshold 0.694147 #osmooth constrols set surfacecode 2 set laplacian_iteration 20 set laplacian_feature_angle 25 #"isosurf: surfacecode1 surfacemode2 densitythreshold3 detectbridge4 lowthreshold5 distancecoefficient6 optismoothboundary7 lapiteration8 lapfeatureangle9 lapsmoothboundary10 drawrecovery11" puts "Uploading Solid Domain " *createstringarray 2 "isosurf: $surfacecode 3 $solid_domain_threshold 0 -1 0 0 $laplacian_iteration $laplacian_feature_angle 1 0" "other_params: 1 0 0 0 10 0" if { [ catch {*ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "C:////Users////////Large Tension Hinge Rebuilt 2.2 Stage 2 Initial_1.fem" "C:////Users////Large Tension Hinge Rebuilt 2.2 Stage 2 Initial_1.sh" "" 1 0 1 2} ] } { puts "Error During Solid Domain Tetmeshing" } else { puts "Solid TetMesh Succesful!" } What could be the source of the problem? I am running on Windows 10 home edition. Thank you A screen shot is provided to visualize the problem a little bit better.
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  10. Hi, I think the issue is because kinetic relaxation option is turned on (/KEREL), which is effective for settling under gravity load (see dummy positioning example), but is not appropriate for imposed displacements. In the model you have shared there are no incompatible kinematic conditions. However, there are some minor issues with the set up of simulation: -tied interface are referring to default type2 interface definition, which is not given -there are a total of 33 nodes for which no master surface is found during starter -the mass scaling is turned on but no timestep is defined (1e-2 will give mass error below 2%) -there are no boundary conditions (constraint) applied to Acetabulum, however the simulation still gives some displacements (in the order of 5e-3)
  11. This method will slightly change the element proportions near projected edge nodes (compared to the base mesh). If the gap is too big it might lead to linear 1D elements at those edges not in alignment with the rest. But I hope it will Hyperwork
  12. Ivan

    door Closing Analysis

    Hi Nagarjuna Gundamsetty, I would suggest Motionsolve, which is a Multibody Dynamics solver. Please refer to the tutorial MV-2021: Simulating an Automotive Door Closure Event. You may also find useful the presentation from 2nd European HyperWorks Technology Conference: Door slam simulation for durability analysis with Multibody Dynamics.
  13. ynathan

    Characteristic Mode Analysis Problem

    Apart from this case I also have some problem about meshing a similar structure. Does anyone know why I can't mesh the given model 26_08_2018_4slots_feed_strip_denemeler3_without_COAX_mode4_exc.cfs I get the following errors: Error 16561: Mesher aborted - Unable to mesh face "Union1.Face4464", probable model problem at unknown. Error 17580: The mesher aborted abnormally while meshing Union1.
  14. Hi Uday - If the motion is sinusoidal in nature, you can define the motion using an expression e.g: `60d*SIN(2*PI*TIME)` Here the body will move 60 degrees in one direction and then back to mean position and again 60 degrees in the opposite direction in one second. (1 hz) If you want to change the frequency of this osscilation, change the "2*PI" portion. e.g. `60d*SIN(4*PI*TIME)`. Now this oscillation is 2 Hz Is that what you are looking for ? Attached is a simple pendulum model that uses such an expression. Run this model, review the animation, and see if it matches your requirement. Regards Praful pendulum1.mdl
  15. Hello; I trt to do spotweld optimization( location) on crash box using hypermorph and hyperstudy . İ change the location of spotweld domains . And ı see its location change in structure. But when ı run the optimization in hypersrudy it give me failure after 2. Run. İs it possible do spotweld location optimization using hypermorph and hyperstudy?
  16. Livio Mariano

    Automated simulation and capturing data

    Ciao Saurya, Please here you find a possible solution implemented using Activate 2019. 1- Open Activate2019 go under tools->oml editor and load Master2019.oml. This file is the master that will generate a new input file (input2019.csv) for the Activate model (Slave2019.scm) at any iteration of the for cycle and will run in batch mode the Activate model Slave2019.scm. 2- Slave2019.scm will generate a different csv file for each run (authomatically named run1.csv, run2.csv... so that it is easy for You to identify which run the data refers at) 3- To run the example just remember to adjust the paths according to your installation (also inside the *.bat file). 4- Unfortunately for the moment isn't possible to append the data in the same .csv. A possible solution for that may be to do only 1 run longer (final time= time for a run * runs number) and change input when (simulation time) / (time for a run)=integer number. Best Regards, Liv Master2019.oml runActivate2019.bat Slave2019.scm
  17. Hello, could you please tell me how can I model a bolted connection (with washers) of a bracket to some structure properly? I thought it would be good to put the first RBE2 element (DOF=0) on the hole surface (left in the picture below) and the second RBE2 on the washer surface. And then somehow connect them rigidly. But I realized I'm not sure what to do next. I read about CBUSH elements or something like that. Could you please give an explation?
  18. Hi all, is there a way to collect multiple RLOAD card in order to process al of them in a single analysis? Thank you in advance!
  19. We have a modell consisting of a femur and an acetabulum (hip bones), both modelled as as a shell and put into a rigid body. I'd like to simulate a gait cycle, so I created an imposed displacement on the rigid body master node of my femur. It however does not work, Radioss Block tells me there are incompatible kinematic conditions on this node, even if I just have one imposed displacement on that node. When I run it through Radioss and display the result in Hypermesh, no motion can be seen. Can anyone help? I've attached the rad files. Hueftmodell_v4_0000.rad Hueftmodell_v4_0001.rad
  20. Hello, I am trying to automate a task and need some guidance. In a model with various components, I have the guide points of the fasteners. Some fasteners connect more than two components. I am looking to create the connectors automatically by selecting the points and export the connectors' information (cfast id and coordinates, attached elements). The final goal is to create automatically more than 8000 fasteners and extract their information, in order to use them for fastener analysis. Thanks for your help N.
  21. Pranav Hari

    Hex mesh

    Hi @Busra ASlan I hope the tutorial shared here on Hexa mesh will help you. Tutorial_steeringwheel_hexa.pdf
  22. Burner2k

    Specifying Number of Elements - Surface Mesh

    Ivan, thats a pretty good suggestion. Will try it out for the above & other cases. Hopefully, they will work. Thanks
  23. Premanand Suryavanshi

    Modal Correlation Error

    Hi Arul, Now i see that you got different error (i.e. now the error shows for solid elements). Make sure you have set the references for solid elements too. Thank you
  24. Hi, Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and efforts putting in helping others. I am very ashamed to raise this question because I originally wanted to complete it independently.However,i find it is a little difficult, so i I want to discuss with you to generate some inspiration. My goal is to generate a shell element grid for geometrically complex model,since the extracting midsurface may fail.I use upper(lower) surface to replace it. At first,i want to choose the main face,and use "by face" to get upper(lower) surface.But things are not as simple as imagined.It is difficulty to identify upper(lower) surface because facets are discontinuous in upper(lower) surface. Then i classify all facets by surface continuity("by face").I think the core issue is to determine which sets of faces are side.If all side faces are determined,it is easy to do next. Now my method is to choose the largest two faces(hm_getareaofsurface).I believe that these two faces are symmetrical up and down.Then find the group(classified by face) corresponding to these two faces.Then append "by adjacent" for these two group facets. If they have the same group facets,these group facets are side face,otherwise not add them in upper(lower) surface. I keep doing this until upper(lower) surface does not change. But this method has a lot of limitations.it can only be applied to quite symmetrical models.it may be wrong when a side face are created by two faces.it can not be used for complex model like sample.iges. I am grateful for any valuable ideas. Thank you very much!!! sample.iges
  25. Pranav Hari

    Hex mesh

    Hi OK we will check and revert
  26. Nagarjuna Gundamsetty

    door Closing Analysis

    hi team, sub: door opening position to closing position for how much force we need. team can you explain which solver and how to do... Thanks, nagarjuna
  27. Busra ASlan

    Hex mesh

    Of course @Pranav Hari Control_arm_lower.CATPart
  28. Hi Prakash, Please find attached the log file. Warm regards, Uday 20180917.log
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