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    Roshan Shiveshwar


    This should work... hm_createmark nodes 1 "by set" "Your set name" foreach node [hm_getmark nodes 1] { *** perform activity }
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    Beam with non unoform

    I have found my mistake. Thanks all.
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    Acceleration load import

    Hi @Toan Nguyen, and thanks for your reply! The option that you suggest allows you to associate an acceleration to a node, but i have different acceleration for every node, tought, with this method, i have to import accelerations one by one and next find a way for associate the imported accels1 nodes to my model nodes. With forces it's possible upload a file like the one above, and HM automaticly import and map the forces. I'm searching something like this.
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    Hi @Vin566 You really have interesting question :).Yes, for an input in terms of sin function, you don't need to puts all point of a cycle to table. However, that doesn't mean you only need two data points. If you put only two data points to the table, OptiStruct will understand your data as a linear function which is not true. Your data should contain all peak, valley values and some points around them in order to maintain the form of the Load time history curve. for me, I hardly delete any data in my cycle because that is the data I got from another analysis and I can not sure which is necessary, which not. So I put them all and OptiStruct will decide it for me. It calls: " Load time history Compression". Hope this help!
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    Prakash Pagadala

    Beam with non unoform

    Hi @mohammad It would be better if you share the results from both simulation and hand calculations.
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    Toan Nguyen

    Beam with non unoform

    HI Mohammad, Please do not use RBE2 to do that. This is not really appropriate. About the difference you got, Could you please tell us more about that? How much is that difference? And to make it specific, Could you please share the stress result you got in A, B, the displacement in C in both OptiStruct and analytical job