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Found 505 results

  1. Hello, I am working on design optimization of an aircraft component. I have obtained the shape of the required object using a topology optimization and am interested in refining the thickness of the part using a Size Optimization. However, I am unable to find an option to create a plane of symmetry in the DESVAR card or any other location. The results obtained from the optimization show a density distribution that is not symmetric either. Is there anyway to do this? Please let me know. Thank you!
  2. Amasker

    Composite Failure

    Hi, I made a simple optimization - about composite optimization and steel plate size optimization, the following is the input file, the result shows FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). But when viewing the contour image, it is found that the partial area of the composite is invalid, the composite failure index greater than 1,does it mean that Optimizing the design is not feasible, Can someone give some advice?Thanks in advance。 B.FS.355.fem
  3. yhamurisci

    Resuming interrupted jobs

    Hello all, Is there any way to resume interrupted jobs because of unintentional reasons (PC failure, electricity loss, license server loss etc) in Opstistruct? Especially for NLSTAT analyses. Thanks in advance. Regards, Yetkin Hamurisci
  4. Hı everyone, We are trying to do lattice optimization with different types. We tried every way, we thought. And we get different errors every time. Finally we have made the hexa mesh using another program. And then solved in Optistruct. Although there is no problem in the solution, the lattice.fem file does not occur. Could you help me? Thank you.
  5. Hi,I am sorry to ask questions again. Now I am studying the structural optimization design of the automobile B-pillar. This time, there are about three minor problems to be solved. 1. I don't know how to set the variable thickness shell element. I saw the following method to set the variable thickness unit in a journal. Setting different thickness simulation shells for the four nodes of the shell element, but I don't know how to achieve it. Can you give me some advice? 2. Since currently optimized based on the B-pillar, the B-pillar components are taken out of the vehicle as shown in the following figure. How do you impose constraints on the upper and lower ends to simulate the vehicle constraints as much as possible? In other words, how to apply constraints to the B-pillar to simulate the constraints in a real vehicle.? 3. Can the size optimization in Optistruct set the coordinate value to the design variable? In addition, can velocity load be applied in optistruct? Thank you in advanced.
  6. Quick question everyone... Is it possible to extract contact forces in such a way that they can be imported into another model as a pressure? The model I have has wearpads with contact OPTI - so I get a text file with a force result for that contact, but when you open the result in Hyperview, you can clearly see how the force varies over the surface.. and that's what I need to simplify my model. Does anyone know how to extract that result? The image below is reported as a net of 13.4kN in the opti file yet clearly the majority is in the corner.
  7. Andy@LamteqSolutions

    OPTISTRUCT - Contacts

    Hi all, I have a model with multiple contacts and have been using N2S contacts. I've found that in some of my loadcases, these contacts produce excessively and unrealistically high loads. I've checked to assure there is a sufficient gap between master and slave components and have even tried changing to S2S, PARAM EXPERTNL CNTSTB... in every case the the contact in question remains an unrealistically high stress or another contact which was previously low force suddenly becomes massive. The way I set the models up is to select contact surfaces for both slave and master and select slide option, I don't apply any clearance or srchdis values. Anyone any suggestions? Alas I cannot share the model.
  8. Hi all, Been having issues with a model recently, previous versions of it have been converging but recently it seems to have just stopped converging. I've managed to get it to converge but after over an hour of processing (it should have taken 10 minutes), when viewed, there appears to be many orphan nodes. Can orphan nodes cause convergence issues? How can you get rid of them in hypermesh? Cheers Andy
  9. N_R

    Tutorial OS-T 1600

    Hello, i tried to solve the Optistruct OS-T 1600 Tutorial, but after starting the two solvers (optistruct, acusolve) there is a convergence error of acusolve that stops the job: Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 5202 *** Acusolve stops before FSI iteration achieves convergence. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. Does anyone knows the problem? I checked all steps of the tutorial and start it again, but the error still appears. The next step was to change the exchange parameter of acusolve (min/max_stagger_iterations) and optistruct (min/maxEX) to 30. A Simulation of the Tutorial with only 0.02s worked. To simulate the tutorial 0.1s or the whole 1s - as it is described in the Tutorial- still doesn´t work with a value of 100 for max_stagger and MAXEX. Another error appeared: Does anyone has got experience with the tutorial OS-T 1600 and solved it successfull? Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Hi , I am having following queries while trying Modal correlation option in Hyper view - NVH. 1. I am facing error while using transformation option in Hyper view - NVH - Modal correlation. Pls find the below image & help how to sort out. 2. How to use tolerance option in Node pairs menu. I could't able to get the values in the below table Regards, Arul
  11. Hello everybody, I have a problem with optimizing in hypermesh (optistruct). I get the following error message: *** ERROR # 5617 *** The SUBCASE ID in ATT1 field of DRESP1 1 does not refer to a modal FRF subcase. *** Run terminated because of error(s) in the input data. I actually did the same as in tutorial OS 3010. I hope you can help me My model is attached pangelo.
  12. Farzin

    Contact Penetration

    @Prakash Pagadala Hello Prakash, I am trying to simulate a model with several contacts in Optistruct (Non linear quasi static). The Materials are all linear but with very Little Young Module (40-300Mpa). But there are big Penetrations between sliding parts and the results are not correct. Contacts with Problem: ID 16 ID 17 ID 26 ID 27 ID 28 I have followed all Solutions in this Forum but it did not work out. I have tried following Solutions: -Contact type: SLIDE -Nlparam NINC increase to 200 -CNTSTB load collector and CNSTB Card in Param (EXPERTNL) - MORIENT= Opengap -Additional Clearance: 0.1 -String Value>>Adjust>> Auto -S2S and N2S (Both tried) -Track INFINIT and Consli (Both tried) - Symmetric Contact for IP 16 (2 identical contacts with reverse Slave/Master Component) - PCONT>>STIFF>>HARD Because the Simulation takes so much time i share the H3D results too. Thank you so much for your help P.s: I should mention that this Model with this Material Parameter has been simulated successfully in Abaqus.
  13. Hı everyone, My structure has very less weight and size. I want to lattice optimization and I do. But shape of my structure is changing. shape is very thin. I think this can be due to the weight. Can you help me? Thank you. First picture my structure, Secondly figure at the end of the analysis.
  14. Punith


    Hello all, I am running Submodel simulation and I got following error. Can someone help me out?. ANALYSIS RESULTS : ------------------ ITERATION 0 Processing Subcase 11 ... Processing Subcase 28 ... *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "apxmin.F", at location # 226. **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** ************************************************************************ OptiStruct error termination report printed to file "2160732_submodelling.stat". ************************************************************************ There were 8 WARNING(s) reported during the run. ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ====
  15. matwas

    heat transfer issue

    Dear Colleagues, I have a problem with heat transfer analysis. I am experienced with ANSYS thermal analyses and at the same time I am working with HyperWorks for a couple of years but it is my first more complex thermal problem that I am solving with HW. My problem is, I don’t know how to set properly the analysis Load collectors and steps. What I want to do: I have a part of a machine (rotating lathe table) which is heated by heat generated in bearings and motor. According to the norms I have performed on machine test and I need to reply this with FEA to obtain a model on which I can test construction changes. The machine has been working in a few timesteps, with different parameters. My question is how to set the Loadsteps to obtain a few substeps which are performed one after the other under the terms of the previous. Bellow I posted a shorten table of the experiment. The heat flux has been calculated analytically. Time [min.] heat flux [W/mm2] 0 – 30 hf1 30 – 60 hf2 60 – 120 hf3 ... After that I want to obtain the temperature distribution on the table and its deformation (displacements).
  16. Hi , Need clarification regarding FRF analysis using Optistruct . What is the need of taking PHASE response in the tutorial - OS-T: 1300 Direct Frequency Response Analysis of a Flat Plate ?? Then what is the use of below responses ??/ Regards, Arul
  17. Hi, there is a question I would like to ask the teachers, recently learn to use optistruct for composite material optimization design, encountered some unsolvable problems, I want to use the cohesive element to simulate the cementation damage between the composite layers, but there is no cohesive material in the hypermesh. There is no such material property, no damage evolution rule and damage criterion of the cohesive element. There is a cohesive element in the hypermesh-abaqus interface, but I don't know how to call it in the optistruct. So,is there any methods to solve this ,could you give me a reply .best wishes.
  18. Hi, I am trying to do an analysis on a enamelled sheet metal part, it is bimaterial. As initial condition, temperature is 350 celcius degrees and as final condition, temperature is 25 celcius degrees. So, I applied a temperature load. I used MATT1 and entered temperature dependent material properties in TABLEM1 format. I used PCOMP card to model the structure as composite. Materials (Steel and Enamel) are taken as isotropic materials so there is no ply orientation. When I start the analysis with Optistruct, the programme gives the following error message: ERROR 14: Missing property # 2 referenced by CQUAD4 # 1 What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Mert
  19. Hello everyone, I'm currently running an composite optimization on a part and today I noticed that the mass I get on the .out file and on the model I import after the size optimization is different. On this optimization, I try to minimize the compliance of the part while constraining the mass between 3200g and 3600g. Here is what I get on the .out file: Here is what I get on the imported model: While on the output file I get a total mass of 3600 as requested, when I import the model, the total mass is now 5322. I've searched around, followed tutorials and nothing helped. I tried opening the *.inc file as suggested on tutorial OS-3400 but the result is the same (the same as if I just import the .fem file resulting from the free size optimization). I've looked on this forum and I found something about the CMF file instead but after the free size optimization, I only get the *.HM.ent.cmf and not the *.HM.comp.cmf as mentioned here: I also tried running the optimization with MATINIT set to 1 on opticontrol but once again, the result is the same... Can someone please help? Thank you very much!
  20. Hı I am trying lattice structure optimizatons. Actually I can do it. I want to change lattice types such as 1,2,3,4 and than results compare but I dont have any difference. If you know solution for this problem,can you help me? Thank you
  21. i have these doubts please explain anyone 1) To converting rigid bodies into flexible bodies in hypermesh opti, Why we are going for modal analysis? 2) is there any method other than Modal analysis?? please help me with this thank you
  22. Hi all, Am trying to find a line of code which will select a component / assembly / set etc, when the name contains a certain string... for instance the assembly name may read "apples-001001a" but I want a script to select that assembly if the name contains "apples" as the number could change in the future. Any ideas? Cheers Andy
  23. Hi everbody, we are doing a non linear quasi static analysis of a turbine vane. We are not able to arrive at convergence. It works only with all contact freeze. I share the model and the file .out, can you please help us? turbine_vane_nlqs.txt turbine_vane_nlqs.hm
  24. いつもお世話になっております。 只今、CFRPパイプに部分的に肉盛り積層したような物を解析しています。 Optistructにおいて断面係数および断面二次モーメントは計算出力出来ますか。 よろしくお願いいたします。