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Found 16 results

  1. Hello to everyone. A) First of all I would like to know if it's possible to update in SimLab a Creo CAD model (after being modyfied) which has been already opened and meshed in SimLab, by keeping connected the mesh controls setted previously. I'm gonna be clearer: 1- I import a Creo CAD model file (i.e. file name is PIPPO.prt) in SimLab as a part (.prt) or assembly (.asm) by using the command "Import->CAD" 2- I set mesh controls on the model and eventually mesh the component(s) (i.e. I set face mesh control on a face which includes a hole, and a washer mesh control around the hole itself) 3-In the meantime I modify in Creo the CAD model itself (i.e. I change the hole radius) then save by using the same name and overwriting the file (i.e. PIPPO.prt), which is still opened in Sim Lab 4- I import CAD model again (i.e PIPPO.prt) as done in point 1 => now I wish that model geometry could update automatically and that SimLab could recognize connections between the "new" geometry and the old mesh controls, unless big changes (i.e. face mesh control should be still active and linked to the modifyed face, while washer mesh control probably is now missing). Is it possible to do in SimLab? I read in the GUI that you should set the new quotes, when you modify the model in Creo (point 3), as design parameters, so that when you re-import it in SimLab you have to check that "Design Parameters" import option is on and model should update automatically, but I couldn't try this way cause I have another problem: B ) Everytime I choose the option "Import CAD" and I select a .prt or .asm file then Windows says that there is a problem in finding the installation directory (I am not the first person in my company who encounters the same problem, so probably is not due to installation errors). So the only option I have is to use "Import->CAD through traslation" that opens a step (.stp) file auto generated by SimLab, but all of that makes parameters being lost. Did somebody else encountered the same problem? Coming back to A) , and saying that the "design parameters" way could work, does it exist another way which can be even more automatic and simpler? Softwares Assistance once told us to try to assign different colors to different features on the CAD model in Creo to allow SimLab recognize the model during the re-importation. Did somebody ever tried this? Thank you very much for the support
  2. I have run Nastan Sol400 calculation. However I am unable to load .dat model and .op2 files in HyperView. Nastran input deck was created using Beta CAE ANSA but this shouldn't be the issue. I am also able to pull out the model and result in Beta CAE Meta. Any suggestions?
  3. Dear Support Team, I use Hypermesh and Optistruct to build flexbody models to use in MSC Adams MBD models. Since my flexbody models are large and have too many unused DOFs, I need to reduce them only to ASET DOFs. In the particular problem I'm trying to solve, I have a machine part with a few ASETs to attach/constrain it and a single location where I get response data from. So, the only DOFs I need are the DOFs of this response location (in addition to the DOFs of other ASETs). I can put an ASET on this location but I don't know how to force Optistruct to output only ASET DOFs to the generated Adams MNF file. In the docs for Optistruct MODEL solver card, Comment #1 states that: "For CMS superelements output in h3d format, only the ASET DOF are output when the MODEL data is not present." I need this same effect but with MNF format and not h3d format, since I work with MSC Adams and not Motion View. I have tried a few ways on my own but have been unable to succeed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards.
  4. Ariane Rebelato

    Revolute Joint

    Can I model a revolute joint with HyperMesh? If so, how to do this? Does any tutorial show this?
  5. francoisceg64

    Force Label

    Hello guys, I am building a small size model with many forces close to each other, and there is a white label "FORCE" next to the red arrow that is the force applied. For the publication, I need diagrams with a clear view of the arrows, and that is impossible due to all the force labels overlapping each other. I have tried a lot of settings but that white force label will not disappear. Any ideas? Thanks! PS: the "label loads" option in the forces menu does not affect said label, it only adds the magnitude of the force next to the "FORCE" label.
  6. duccps

    Model tab

    Help me! restore the model tab, please,,
  7. Ariane Rebelato

    spring-damper model

    Hello, could anyone help me to create the mass-spring-damper models in optistruct?
  8. Hello guys, I tried the tutorial "HS-1545: DOE and Optimization Study with HyperMesh, HyperStudy, and ANSYS CFX" and it worked very well. Now I want to use a .msh file instead of the model.cas file. I thought there should be no problem because it is also a fluent-file. So I created a new study and went through the steps of the setup. When I reached the "evalute" step HS was able to write the Input files. But when HS wanted to execute it shows me always the attached picture. Is it possible to change some terms in the responsible files to avoid this error? Or is it just impossible to use a .msh file?
  9. I use Feko version 14.0.432 and try to design SMA connector. But I don't know how to add source port. Please advise.
  10. Hello, I would like to know how I can simulate/model a mass-spring-damper system in HyperMesh to do a dynamic analysis and get system responses and FRF in acceleration?
  11. Drew Bresnahan

    Mesh component deleted, problems arise

    I obtained a download of an inhomogeneous human head model which was pre-meshed, from the looks of it. This model includes an "airbox" surrounding the human. Here's an image with a cutplane on top of the airbox to see the human inside: I wish to place a source near the head to simulate the near fields, but placing anything inside the airbox will cause errors since the meshes of the source will interfere with the mesh of the "airbox." Naturally, I tried simply deleting the airbox and re-simulating, but this error appears: Also, the downloaded human model seems to be of a different type than a normal created construction, since I see a different blue icon to the left of the model's material items: Has anyone run into this issue before? I can't place a source in the airbox mesh, and I can't delete the mesh without ruining the model for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks, Drew
  12. How do I delete a model that's loaded in one of the hyperview windows? Under the 'Session' tab on the left there is an option to delete a page, but I'm unable to unload/delete one single model that's already open in one of the windows.
  13. I select all and save as a model yet when you open them the transformations are gone, is there a step to save them? ... haven't found an answer, newbie. thx for help, tom
  14. Hi All, I have set up a model of a pipe section and tried to subject it to torsion. The analysis completes but I have some unexpected results. I would expect the stress to be circumferential rather than axial. Have I set up the model incorrectly? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rz0mgw3t1h91axq/AACnBNA5HjrX8AGIwFcpbQo3a?dl=0 Thank you Luke
  15. mitchelt

    Issue with VWT

    Hi, I am very new to Virtual Wind Tunnel and Hyperworks in general, been at it for a mere few days, so my issue may be incredibly basic. My issue; I am using Solidworks to create a car model assembly, importing that into Hypermesh and meshing it. Everything seems to go correctly here. I am then importing the meshed file into Virtual Wind Tunnel, setting everything up and running the simulation. My issues comes with the results; it is 'seeing' my model as a number of dots/mesh elements, not as the whole model (I have attached a screenshot, poor quality but it gets my issue across). This could well be an issue with my model or meshing but I really have no idea. I have tried lots of things over the past couple of days to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
  16. Our bolts, nuts, and washers, have part numbers where the letter m is either the second or third character. All of the other characters are numerals. How can I delete *m* collectors? I want to get rid of all of my bolts, nuts, and washers quickly. I do want a chance to review them first and make sure I haven't accidently somehow included a desireable part. Then after the review, delete them all! I am using HM 12.0 on Windows 7 on an HP computer. Thank you. Phil