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Found 23 results

  1. ChristopheThen

    shells on interior solid faces

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to create shells on all solid faces including interior ones? There used to be a plugin to be downloaded for that purpose. Is that still the case and where would I find that? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ramakiran


    Hello sir Good morning, I was running the full vehicle model for crash and i am facing the problem in time step for which run is being terminated. Please Help me, thank you.
  3. I'm planning to use PSOLID element for a 3D composite model, but I'm stuck with how to put thickness, orientation and Failure theory. Please tell me how to go about this. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, My model was built with tetra solid elements, and a structural analysis was solved. In the test, the strain of some points on the solid structure surface were gotten by strain gauges. I want to compare the strain component from my simulation with the test result. However, my problem is how to extract the strain result on the surface of a tetra solid model in optistruct? Thank you
  5. Hi All, I am selecting component using *createmarkpanel comps 1 " " ; Now i want to know selected component contains 2d 0r 3d element; Regards, PD
  6. emanu92

    Solid-fluid interaction

    Hello everyone. I would like to simulate a solid body interacting with a fluid body. As you can see in the model below, the solid body enters, through an interface, inside the fluid body. I assigned to the solid a vertical translation motion. Now, in the results, the two meshes interpenetrate, but the solid doesn't interact with the fluid. Can you help me please? picture1.bmp
  7. Hello Everyone, I have a complete model in Hypermesh: components, mesh, materials, properties, .... I would like to export that model from Hypermesh to Ansys Workbench, so that someone who does not work with Hypermesh can use Workbench. Firstly, I followed the tutorial HM-4410 from Hypermesh Help (https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw13.0/help/hm/introduction_to_ansys_model_setup_-_hm-4410.htm?toc=0&printWindow). Then, I added sensors for different types of elements and I export a .cdb file; as you can read in the tutorial. Later, I imported the flie .cdb to Ansys Workbench following a You Tube video (How to import Meshed file from hypermesh to ansys). However, when I open the Model clicking twice on the tap Finite Element Modeler, Ansys can't show all type of elements specifically elements 1D (mass, rod, beam, rigids, etc). In my case, the model has rigid, spring, shell, rod and beam elements; so I am reading in several tutorials and forums that rigid elements don't need a sensor but Ansys can't read them. My question is: what do I have to do to get an identical model in hypermesh and ansys? The pictures below show a simple model with that problem. In the first one you can see the hypermesh model with 1580 nodes and 1498 elements (shell, rigid, mass), and the other two pictures depict the ansys model (Finite element model). Ansys model has 1580 nodes and 1495 elements, so the three rigids elements (CERIG) haven not been read. Thank you for your time.
  8. While editing solid component in an geometry cleaned assembly, the components associated with that solid (other solid in contact and extended surfaces) gets automatically converted to solid. Associated other components get merged into single component with the edited solid. Please help!!! NOTE: If association with other components is broken (by trimming solids into parts) than no such problem arises. Any other method without trimming solid. Why does this happen???
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently developing a complex composite structure und simulated it already with optistruct with shell elements (Mat8, PCOMPP). In order to distuguish different failure mechanisms I need analyse the stress in thickness direction of the structre. For that I used the "shell-to-solid conversion" within the aerospace menu. Now that I have a solid mesh, I'm not sure how to proceed. What property do I assign to the solid mesh ? What material card do I use for it ? Do I need to assign the material orientation to the new mesh again and if yes, how do I do that ? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello guys, I wanna know how to create solid bodies in evolve using loft feature between curves. Actually I want to create spoke of wheel rim using loft command but I'm unable to make it a solid body. Do we get solid body if we loft between all the curves? Please help me regarding this. If you have any evolve model of rim spoke that will be very appreciable. Thank you in advance
  11. Hi All I know that in shell structures, when we have the midsurface, we verify that there are no free edges, what about two solid bodies, specially if I have had to trim the solid, since a part is revolutio and the other part is an extrusion, so they might need different meshing techniques ? how can I assure the mesh in continuous ?
  12. Hi all I have a Solid ( the exhaust manifold) cylinder, where it seems like to be only shells but when I go to features like delete feature, it can be chosen as Solid. the adjacent pipes connected to this cylinder are already surfaces so I could extract the midsurface. how can I convert this middle solid cylinder to surface?
  13. frzti

    Solid partitioning

    Hi all There is a feature in Abaqus that you can choose a plane or surface on a solid that you can partition the solid by extending it. Is there a same option in Hypermesh and if so, what are the steps, and what are the preconditions that the feature would work in Hypermesh?
  14. Hello, I'm working with a model that contains 2 components. 1. Comp contains surfaces, solids and elements 2. Comp contains lines, surfaces and Elements. A solid can not be created from the surfaces. I used another way though to create Tetraeder Elements to fill the volume contained by the surfaces. The 2nd component is placed within the 1st component. Now I want to cut out the space of the 1st comp, so that the 2nd comp fits in without having the elements of both components overlap. Basically I want to use a boolean function for elements, like the "solid edit>boolean>A-B (del B )" function for solids. But as I can't create a solid from the surfaces of the 2nd comp. I need to go another way than the traditional boolean. Is there something like boolean for elements? Kind regards, Niclas_emi
  15. Hi all, I have a model comprised of several components. Each time I worked with Hypermesh I had only components that were surfaces inclosed volumes. Now I have solids. First question, how does that come ? And what is the difference ? I always use the same way to import geometry : import -> geometry -> *.igs. Now my problem is when I want to edit que geometries and among all, delete surfaces. I get this error : "All 16 selected [surfaces] were attached to solids; deletion ignored". How come ? And what to do ? Thank you in advance, Alice
  16. I have a full vehicle with Body, Chassis, Suspension, Axle, Cabin, Floor, Roof, Glass, Windshield, Tyre, etc.. in actual manner as in complete assembly. 2D components are present. Now I want to create 3D in a single component for all the 2D components for my analysis. I don't have enough time to mesh all components in 3D & connect. I want to transform the 2D comp to 3D, the may be I can connect all the solids together into 1 component. Please suggest an option. Is there any Batchmesh available or may be tcl script? The Sample 3D model pic is shared for reference. I want the same thing.
  17. Hello. I am trying add a pressure force on the inside of the cylindrical elements. According to the topic as follows, I extracted the inside of the solid element and add a pressure on it. However, the result showed that there is no displacement or stress caused by inner pressure. 1. Is there any further setting to link solid element and extracted element ? 2. The property of "^faces" is blank. is it ok? 3. In HyperView, the extracted elements (named ^faces automatically) is disappeared. Is this right? Following is model (half of cylinder), load and constraint setting. Thank you for your answer. P.S about question no.2, I added the property of solid element to the extracted component, but the result did not change.
  18. hubéry10

    Give solid a eigenfrequency

    Hi, is it possible to give a solid a defined eigenfrequenzy. The Problem is i had to do a modal Analysis of a satellite structure and the first eigenmode had to be above 40Hz, but my tank had a eigenmode at 30Hz. But i know that the frequqnzy of the real tank is 45Hz. So can i give the solid a eigenfrequency with 45Hz? Thanks for your help
  19. Prakash Pagadala

    Display turns black

    Hello, I am currently facing the following issue related to optistruct. For some reason when click on solid edit the display blackens. May I know the reason for this? I am mistaken at any point? Best, Saurabh Apte
  20. thomas.stue

    CFD Analysis with AcuSolve

    Hello everybody, my name is Thomas from Germany and I am working on my Bachelor Thesis, which is about the topic CFD, at the moment. I am at the beginning of my Thesis and at first i want to create a simple model validation. My topic is about an easy Venturipipe, which gets passes through water. So there are only two variables, which are important: The pressure and the velocity, which i estimate with an analytical calculation, too. The Venturipipe has got a rejuvenation. And if you think about the Bernoulli´s equation, the velocity gets higher and the pressure goes down near the rejuvenation. When the fluid leaves the rejuvenation, the values supposed to be retransform back to the input values. And the model gets unrealistic at this point: When the fluid leaves the rejuvenation, is does not get slower. I create the model data with HyperMesh 13.0. Unfortunately i am not able to find any mistake in the input file, which is computed with AcuSolve. I hope that someone will hear my problem and is able to solve it. Probably there is only a little mistake, which destroys the complete model in the end. Thank you for your support in advance! Best regards, Thomas PS: There is a zip.file enclosed, which includes all the important data and some results, too. Venturi_Pipe_Problem.zip
  21. Hi I am trying to import IGES and make as solid. After I imported the geometry, Geometry tab -> solids-> Go to model tab -> right click components -> make current Under solids -> Surfs-> by collector-> select component -> create I followed procedure above and when I used v11, the procedure worked well, but now I use v12 and it does not work anymore. Is there any other way to make geometry as solid in v12 or should I modify any settings for the recently installed hypermesh? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  22. Mubeen

    Solid hole and washer

    Hi all, I need some help about washer feature in HyperMesh. I have a solid with a hole, imported into HyperMesh from CATpart file. Is it possible to create a washer around this hole? I did some effort, but in the autocleanup file, HyperMesh gives option for washer only in surface holes. If I try to create washer around the hole after meshing the face containing the hole (from Utility -> Geom Tools -> Washer) by selecting the lines at the mouth of the solid hole, HyperMesh shows an error: The selected line is not a free edge. Certainly, this line is a shared edge between the surface of the face and the surface of the solid hole, therefore: does it mean that HyperMesh washer is only for surface holes?
  23. Hi all, I have been trying to analyze an assembly of 4 thin disks of different materials. My problem is when I mesh the individual disks so that I can have at least 3 elements through the thickness (periphery), I get a huge number of elements on the top and bottom faces of the disk because of small element size (0.6667). If I mesh the top/bottom faces and thickness(periphery) individually by selecting different element sizes ( 0.667 and 10) then most of the elements fail with respect to aspect ratio, element size. The only thing that works is uniform element size of 0.6667 throughout. But it takes a lot of time to run this simple analysis. ( bottom fixed, pressure on top). Any suggestions please? Thanks, Abhi