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  2. Hey, Thanks for your answers ! I cannot find "NLPARAM". Do you mean "NLPARM" ? Best regards, Lisa
  3. Hi, You can view the contact forces at nodes in the animation output file requesting vector output in the engine file, /ANIM/VECT/CONT /ANIM/VECT/PCONT Where CONT gives you the vector contact force in x, y, z at the node. PCONT gives you a "pressure" output in the normal and tangential directions by summing the contact forces applied to the node and dividing by the extrapolated surface of segments connected to the node. Thanks, Andy
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  5. Dear Nasim, No problem. In fact, KTex WovenProperty only calculates a homogenized macroscopic material card for a ply. There is no mesh. The only thing you can import is the material card. It is comparable to HyperLaminate. KTex WovenProperty exports the results in different formats. The .fem file is for OptiStruct and the .rad file is for RADIOSS. Best regards, Edouard
  6. Dear Cna, The first output I would think of, would be to project the elemental frame of your fibers onto the macroscopic elements of your radome. I am not sure this output is available directly in HyperView, but I am sure you can create a contour based on the elements coordinates. You should then be able to compare the angles of the weft elements to the warp ones. And this comparison could be a angle change, as you know the initial angle of your fabric. Does this seems to answer your question? Best regards, Edouard
  7. I am using a half planar greens function and am receiving this error for certain frequencies WARNING 3489: Too many integration intervals are required for the potentials See also message in the output file PEC_10.out Is there a way to check the reliability of the solution? Is the solution at all valid?
  8. JeJa

    computation queue

    Did you have any progress on this? It's been a while since this was posted. I have exactly the same problem in Flux and it gets quite annoying. If I remember well from the past (when I had a working batch-solve-button, some years ago), it is also useful to solve many scenarios in a project at once.
  9. Under Tools -> CG/Inertia summary, MotionView can calculate the overall CG and moment of inertia of your model. It is typically calculated about the origin, but you can calculate it with respect to another reference frame if you need to.
  10. In the screenshot your model, the Altair driver has been included in the model, but no events have been added. You can right click on "Model" in the project browser, and "Add events", then add a Altair Driver File event. The allows you to point to a file that contains the details for the maneuver. The specific details for maneuvers in the Altair Driver are defined via an .adf file. This event allows you to point to your own .adf file which you can customize. You can also search our documentation on the features of the .adf file. Chris
  11. Hi- There are no existing tutorials for this workflow, since it's not a workflow that is common with most users. Usually, CAD is exported with all parts correctly positioned relative to each other. It is possible to relocate CAD once you've imported into MotionView, but it is a manual process, and must be repeated for each part. It will be rather tedious. One way is to define a reference Marker for each part (this also means you need to define a point to define the position of the reference Marker). Then you can change the reference marker for each CAD part from Global, to the new reference marker. Then, each reference marker can be individually positioned manually to re-position the CAD. Others may have better ideas, but this is a method I have used in the past, when I had no other options. Chris
  12. No error/warning message when I import your STL into Hypermesh 2019.1
  13. Hi colleagues. Good morning. I´m having some troubles with an Inspire file in which I´ve done a combine operation. This combine operation consist in adding a solid geometry (created with other CAD tool, in this case CATIA V5 for more information) to my polynurb geometry. Now, I´d like to undo the operation with the final scope of replacing the solid geometry created with CATIA but my old CATIA geometry is not available in the tree of the model browser. Here are some images of what my issue is: 1. Initial model (what I have). 2. Boolean menu during combine operation. I´ve tried every possible combinations with the CTRL + left/right mouse button without results. Many thanks in advance and best regards.
  14. Hello there! At the moment i am modelling composite structure using solid elements (has to be solid elements only in my case), would like to know how could i define material orientation to my laminate layers, for example 0/60degree. There is some limitation on my model, since my model is in circular shape (please find the attachment) which means i need to define cylindrical co-ordinate system. I could not define material orientation directly by changing CORDM to be user and then add coordinate system in particular direction of angled ply as i used to do with rectangular plate (since i need to define 2 co-ordinate systems: cylindrical + 60 degree material orientation). I have tried with PCOMPLS-solid-shell approach but seems like not working in my case as i am performing thermal analysis using temperature card. Can someone suggest me how could i model this component in the way that 1. I need to model using solid elements only 2. There are 4 layers of plies -> 0/60/60/0
  15. For setting colors, get model handle and then use SetColor For PPT, use Automatic Report Director (ARD) it comes with Hyperworks 2019, for earlier versions you will have to install it though PSO installer, https://connect.altair.com/CP/downloads.html?suite=Packaged Solution Offerings
  16. Hi, I want to know contact force at each slave node or master segment. In /TH/INTER, I can check only the sum of contact force in contact interface. How can I check the contact force at each node? Thanks.
  17. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Please find the STL file edited on the question.
  18. Hi Arul, Please look at topic Compiler required to use Modelica with Activate. The compiler you have chosen should be correct, please check if you have installed C/C++ option. Visual Studio doesn't install C++ by default. Best Regards
  19. Yes, I am aware of this. But for my analysis, I have to use STL only. I have converted 2D surface mesh into 3D using hypermesh
  20. @Imoto ご返信遅くなり、申し訳ありません。 ご教授いただきありがとうございます。 追加で質問なのですが、メッシュがCAD表面に載っているか判断するスクリプトやコマンドがありましたら教えていただきたいです。 現在はCADとNODEが関連しているか否かで、CAD表面に載っているかを判断しているのですが 極まれに意図しない箇所に関連づいており、うまく面に載っていない事があり困っています。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  21. シーム溶接 from SOLID CAD内で、SOLIDとしてシーム溶接の位置が明示されている場合は、それを使ってシーム溶接設定することが可能でございます。 動画では、SOLID情報を元にシーム溶接を設定し、その後溶接されていない部品を対象に、automatic contactを使ってボルト部の接続を定義しています。 シーム溶接位置をSOLIDだけでなく、CADのLine情報からも定義できるように、と言うご要望は開発へリクエスト済でございます。 SimSolid_seamweld_fromSolid.mp4
  22. シーム溶接 Group weld シーム溶接については、ソリッドパーツから位置を指定することも可能ですが、シーム溶接設定場所の情報が無い場合、検索して候補を提示し、そこから選択することも可能です(Group weld機能)。 seamweld_groupweld.mp4
  23. スポットウェルドをCADなどから出力した座標値を元に一括定義します。 座標値のcsvフォーマットは添付のものをご参考にしてくださいませ。 また、3枚打ちの場合は追加列が必要となります。3枚打ち.zipをご確認下さいませ。 spotweld.mp4 hat_spot.csv 3枚打ち.zip
  24. Also, Quasi-static solver takes 15 min to solve it; however, explicit solver takes 1 min. What is the reason of this difference ?
  25. Hello, thank you very much for your response. If I have any loading when time is zero, what can I do ?
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  27. Sorry, I found the solution. According to the help file, we should import the the material and property into the radioss format file like _0000.rad. Thanks
  28. Dear Edouard, Hello, I was working with Ktex and was wondering to ask your help if it is possible. I ran Ktex woven property so several *.fem file were produced. ( each file size was 2K or 3K!). When I imported the fem file in optistruct, I am not able to see any geometry despite material and its property is shown. Would you please let me know how I can have geometry as well? is there any process that I have not done properly? I also have some plan to do some simulation in Radioss with that meso scale fem file but it seems no format compatible with radioss is produced by running Ktex woven property. Thank you so much for your time and assistance, Nasim
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