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  2. Yeah, i understand. 2 nodes are concident => so you cannot pick them separatedly. You pick n704 as dependent, and then pick overlapped one as independent but hypermesh catches n704 so n704 was selected for both dep and indep=> Press O to enter panel Options>graphics> activate "concident picking" and try again. Are you sure there are 2 nodes ? In case you equivalenced them (shift F3), you have to detach (panel 3d>detach) If you shared nodes (equivalenced), you don't need mpc because there's only 1 node. You did not answer question of @Q.Nguyen-Dai ? I want to know your goal, too.
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  4. 質問: 動作がなんか変なときに試すこと 回答: 一般的なトラブルシューティングです。 内部処理に HyperMesh を使っているので、HyperMesh は最新のものをテストしてみてください。複数のバージョンの HyperMesh がある場合は、ここで最新のものを指定してみてください 同じモデル名で作業を繰り返していると、ごみが残ってしまい、動作がおかしくなることがあるので、フォルダごと削除して Step-1 からやり直して見てください。 作業用のフォルダにスペースが入っていると一部の機能が動作しないことが確認されています。フォルダ名にはスペースを入れないでください。
  5. 変数同士に何かしらの関係が存在する場合、設計変数リンク機能や設計変数制約条件機能が有効です。 関係が「=」(イコール)なのであれば設計変数リンク、「≦」や「≧」であれば設計変数制約条件です。 動画は設計変数リンクの例であり、5つの設計変数AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD,EEEが以下の関係になっています。 BBB = AAA * 1.5 EEE = CCC * DDD HSt_DVLINK.mp4
  6. Dear Mr. Tinh and Mr. Q.Nguyen Dai I have a assembly structure between bolt and hole. My mission has to connect them together by match node and MPC node. (green line in below figure) Weight factor of Dependent node= -1 and Weight factor of Independent = +1 for each DOF But after I create mesh bolt and hole (ensure match node), then I create MPC, and MPC warn that " DOF on grid 704 appears twice in equation, please modify dof selections". I also wonder why need create MPC while these nodes ( between bolt and hole) were matched together (coincident node). Or maybe because these nodes were matched together so MPC can not created? Thank so much Mr. Tinh and Mr. Q.Nguyen Dai
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  8. I want to see photo of results
  9. Just delete "absorbed" shells, then enter panel Tools>faces to create faced elems of solid, and then move them to shells component
  10. He is doing homework about mpc, i think so! Alex, Could you take photo of mpc definition? Dofs & nodes?
  11. I am not sure what you want to do. The shell elements of base surface should still be in the model after tetrameshing. Use View>Browser>Hypermesh>Mask to show/hide 2D or 3D elements. You can copy or move the triangular shell elements into another component with Organize Panel (shift+F11).
  12. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this resulted in the shell elements geting "absorbed" into the 3D elements of the solid (see Image with masked elems). Since they both have to be of different materials, this woudn't work out. Any ideas? Regards
  13. I would like to know if it is possible to create or edit materials in Altair Inspire Cast and how it can be done. I remember that it was possible in its former version Click2Cast.
  14. What's your final goal of using MPC?
  15. Hi, use Geometry>edit>nodes>associate The Associate subpanel creates an association between the selected nodes and a selected piece of geometry. Nodes are projected to the geometry, provided the distance to the selected geometry is within the search tolerance. The tolerance is used to create a search sphere at each of the selected nodes. If the selected geometry is found within that search sphere, the node is projected to the closest point on the geometry. An association is made within the database between the nodes (and corresponding elements) and geometry, so any subsequent selection routines can reference either entity; for example, if creating a boundary condition (such as a force, pressure, or constraint) on the geometry, the boundary condition will be applied to the nodes and or elements upon export.
  16. Frames could be refered by some variables, check ::HW_Framework vars
  17. Hello, I have a 2D surface meshed using tria-shell elements (Img 1) which I would like to use as a reference and mesh it onto the solid object (Img 2). Presently I need to define equivalence between both components which results in element distortion due mis-matched element's position and size. How can I use the shell elements of the surface component to "project/map" 3D elements in to the solid component? The solid component was created using the base surface and 3 addition surfaces as bounding surface. Regards
  18. Hello, I was wondering how can I obtain the .OP2 or .xdb files needed for submodelling by the Post by displacement option in HypermeshOptistruct? An imaga was attached. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, I am working with the material law Orthotropic Damage and plasticity, where the shared evolution Law is is defines as it shown below. What is the meaning of the Parameters K_inf, K_0 and H'? Arent they Materialparameters? If yes, why I should not define them in the Modell, how are they calculated? Thank you for your answer
  20. Hi PaulFG, Please indicate the Embed version that is producing this error. We have seen problems with the F280049 board with some of the 2019.0.x versions. Please update to version 2019.1 and let me know if this problem goes away. Ric
  21. Hi, I am trying to do so. however I got some problem when trying to get the frame of the toolbar. May I ask where should I look for the commands to control HV frames
  22. I think same method of hv toolbar creation is ok. Because it is HW framework Did you try?
  23. There is a warning due to material properties: There are many errors due to bad element quality: I could remesh the model, but you would not learn how to do it yourself if I did it for you. I just corrected the worst elements so the model is able to run. You should remesh the model using the these tools: Geom>autocleanup to clean up the geometry 2D>automesh>QI optimize (F12) to mesh using quality criteria 2D>elem cleanup 2D>qualityindex tool>check elems>2D (F10) to check elements There are some great learning materials from Altair university- Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation is a good starting point. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/ Check the following Youtube channels: Altair University Altair India Student Contest ELEATION By Apoorv Bapat test 2_edit.hm test 1_edit.hm
  24. Rahul R

    Error 153

    Mask element by id:Reverse: Fit to screen: Add nodes on that element: find attached the adjacent element Disable option is available in the control card section.
  25. Dear Pranav, Thank you very much for your repply. But the problem is that I have a lot of 1d elements that I have to connect with 2D elements. I want to know if exists in Hyperworks anyway to define to the program that he finds contacts (point-surface) and assign a bonded contact. Regards, JJJ
  26. JJJ

    Error 153

    Dear Rahul, Thank you very much for your reply, it has been useful to me. I have two more questions: when I run considering that control card, I've got this result: Iteration Subcase Variable Grid/Elem ID Value --------------------------------------------------------- 0 1 MaxDisp 40574_X 6.5587e+12 What I can understand is that the Element ID 40574 is not constrained. How is it possible to find it? I try to mask it but I can't. Once that I have defined that Control Card, how I can disable it? Regards, JJJ
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