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    Well, I got another solution for a more practical type of component. Check out the video tutorial for the part.
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    Hello, Join the solidThinking team for an exciting overview and demo of Inspire 2016 on March 23, 2016. The latest release introduces groundbreaking PolyNURBS functionality allowing users to quickly and easily flow optimized designs into manufacturable products by wrapping topology results with NURBS geometry. Other key updates include: · Results Comparisons — Easily compare results across multiple runs and loading scenarios in one table. · New Load Types — Consider temperature loads, velocity, acceleration, G-loads, and enforced displacement to simulate precise loading conditions. · Surface Optimization — Support for single thickness geometries allows Inspire to create optimizations for a broader range of applications. To register, simply select an available time below: Introducing Inspire 2016 March 23 2016 10:00 AM EDT 2:00 PM EDT 10:00 PM EDT Can't wait to get started with Inspire 2016? Request a free trial.
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