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    u hit the nail on the head, that's exactly what i need hhh very nice dude. how can i convert my output file to .h3d? are there available materials about that? I know that i've been asking questions all day,
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    work with only 1/4 Split surface of 2nd by 1st Make 2D mesh on 1st solid (yellow) => Make 3D tet mesh for 1st solid On interface, make 2D mesh on 2nd solid => Equivalence of nodes. Make the rest of 2D mesh of 2nd solid & equivalent of nodes: Finally fill 3D tet for 2nd solid and get the final result: Here's HM model: peca.hm HTH,
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    Hi, in WinProp you can simulate the channel characteristics including an arbitrary antenna pattern, also at mm waves. However the beam steering is not simulated, i.e. you would need to create the "typical" antenna patterns resulting from the beam steering outside WinProp and then use them in WinProp for simulating the channel characteristics.
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    Hi Vitor, We should not expect the 2nd subcase to start from the end position of the first one. CNTNLSUB only carries over the nonlinear evolution data, for example, the gap status or plastic deformation, but not displ/stress, loading, boundary conditions, etc.
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