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    Kerstin, The presence of friction, due to its strongly nonlinear, non-conservative nature, may cause difficulties in nonlinear convergence, especially when sliding is present. Therefore, solving the problem without friction can often provide convergence in otherwise failing problems. Or, in cases when presence of frictional resistance is necessary and minimal sliding is expected, enforcing a stick condition may be a viable solution, and will often lead to a better convergence than Coulomb friction (see the PGAP and PCONT bulk data card for details). Note that in cases of larger sliding motions, the stick condition may lead to divergence through a "tumbling" mode. Please read below topic in detail especially the Nonlinear Convergence Criteria and User's Considerations for Nonlinear Convergence here User's Guide > RADIOSS > Bulk Data Format Input > Finite Element Analysis > Solution Sequences > Nonlinear Quasi-Static Analysis
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