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    Hi the code is like this *createmark elems 1 "by config" rigid rigidlink *createmark elems 2 displayed *markintersection elems 1 elems 2 set ElemLengthValues [hm_getmarkvalue elems 1 length 0]
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    Liv, If you want to extract the element ID's, you can use "getreqlist" command. syntax: request_list = getreqlist(filename, datatype) request_list = getreqlist(filename, subcase, datatype) --> you will get a cell variable "request_list" with element ID's with a prefix letter 'E' like ( E1234, ....) and if you want to get the element id's in a matrix, you can do something like below : elementid = regexp(request_list,'E','split'); for i = 1:length(request_list) elem(i,:) = str2num(elementid{i}{1,2}); end Thanks, Manoj
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    I don't know if the answer is correct either. ;-) What I can see from the results and image: This antenna (VOR) is not as well matched as the other antenna that you used. This could indicate that you didn't connect the antenna correctly, but it could just be that the antenna is not well matched or is matched at a different impedance. Both antennas behave the same and thus you did the same thing correct or incorrect with both. They are well isolated (-30 dB) and that is probably what you want.
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    Yes is the same as the resistance of coil. Best regards.
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    Hello, Sorry for the delay. In this case you need to put 359.999 Degree and not 360 degree becasue if you put 360 there is a superposition of points. Best regards.
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