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    Just another way to handle this.... *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes to which the attached elements have to be determined" eval "*createmark elems 1 \"by nodes\" [hm_getmark nodes 1]" eval "*createmark nodes 2 \"by elems\" [hm_getmark elems 1]" *marknotintersection nodes 1 nodes 2 eval "*createmark elems 2 \"by nodes\" [hm_getmark nodes 1]" *markdifference elems 1 elems 2 set attached_elem_list [hm_getmark elems 1]
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    @tinh Tested all methods, last one runs faster on bigger assemblies (saves around 5 sec ). Thanks again all!
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    Could you explain by images? I think every fuction in ansa can be made in hm
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    If your script runs very fast => don't need progress bar If your script runs in a short time => use smoothy updated progress bar, because it's not expensive so make it nice If your script runs in a long time => use periodically updated progress bar, because it's expensive so make it ugly! Ugly is better than none (hm frozen)
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    You can try with Optistruct- just import the .fem file and run either NLSTAT, NLGEOM, EXPDYN or IMPLDYN analysis.
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