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    It seems you are running Analysis instead of Optimization. Please make sure to set the run options to optimization before submission. I able to get the feasible design with same solver version which you are using 2018.0.1
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    Hi Farper can you please elaborate what exactly is your requirement.
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    Hello Andy, In your case, I would recommend the following for the CONTACT card: TYPE=SLIDE MORIENT=OPENGAP SRCHDIS= check your distance, small value ADJUST=NO (be carefully with AUTO, I would not take it!!) CLEARANCE=0 (if it is a closed contact at the beginning) DISCRETE=S2S (contact is smoother, better in general) Try the model without friction first, if it works fine you can add friction. Best Regards, Mario
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    Ok, I see In case you want to position widgets in both row & column, use grid command if using pack, you need to pack label and entry in a sub frame, then pack subframes top side down Or you can use place command - the most freely-positioning command
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    Answer: 1) Please create the mass element through the 1D --> Masses Panel (Mesh --> Create --> Masses, if you want to access the panel via pulldown menu). 2) Afterwards, go to the "Card Edit" Menu that you will find within the toolbar --> see the attached screenshot 3) Select all the elements that you want to edit. If you select multiple elements, please choose also the correct type and card image (mass and CONM2) --> hit the edit button 4) Select the continuation line and enter the moments of inertia for your selected elements Kind Regards Jan
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