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    Hi, master node of a rigid body can be selected by right-clicking in the the Support field.
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    Hi pohan fct_IDblk is an option that provides additional control for the incompressibility. Please refer this forum post which discusses about MAT law 69. Thanks
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    Thanks guys, I've solved the problem on my own:)
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    sorry about that Roll_bending1_0000.rad
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    Hi, As far as I remember the element deletion will happen only for conventional shell elements. For other element types the deviatoric stress will be set to 0 once the element reaches the failure criteria. Best Regards, .
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    Hi, it depends how the geometry is modeled (homogenized solid elements or detailed modeling of cells with 2D shell elements): -Crushable foams (Honeycomb) solid elements; Law 28: Honeycomb, Law 50: Crushable foam, Law 68: Cosserat medium -Plastic shell elements; Law 36: tabulated elasto-plastic material, Law 65: Elastomer material,Law 66: Visco Elastic Plastic Piecewise Linear Material, Law 76: SAMP
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