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    How to get the same mesh on the inner surface of the shell and outer surface of the core, so that equivalence feature can be used to combine the meshes for fem study. I have attached the model below. Thanks! l4_1.hm
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    Instead of using of 4xformat, I write always: puts $output_file [format "%8i %.12e %.12e %.12e" $nodeid $x $y $z]
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    please Try this: variable list1 proc framework args \ { *createmarkpanel comps 1 "Please select the components "; hm_framework registerproc getorderedcomps graphics_selection_changed; *clearmark comps 1; } proc getorderedcomps args \ { variable list1; lappend list1 [noIntersect;]; } proc noIntersect args \ { variable list1; foreach item [hm_getmark comps 1] \ { if {$item in $list1} \ { continue; } else {set comp $item}; } return $comp } framework puts $list1
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    Hi, You can do that using the below code: foreach str_compName [hm_entitylist comps name] { set str_newCompName [string tolower $str_compName]; if {$str_compName != $str_newCompName} { if {[catch {*renamecollector components "$str_compName" "$str_newCompName"}]} { puts "Multiple components with name $str_compName exists " } } }
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