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    Yes, I have read the documentation about HWAT and scripting in hypermesh in general. I think it is not really clear, which coding style should be used. Also I do not think, I can get my script working, by using HWAT functions only. Therefore I use the style, described in the second link of my last post. I use a lot of those tcl modify commands (*createxyz...) and tcl query commands (hm_getmethatwhatiwant) with the occasional HWAT command (::hwat::topic::function). At the moment I do not work with real parts. I use two rectangular quad meshes of 1mm element size, which are 1,6 mm apart and I try to connect them by my weld configuration automatically. To be honest, I did not use the closest node or closest element functions because I felt, it was not specific enough. I rather used PLOTEL elements as header in the seam weld realization, to be able to extract those nodes from the hexa elements, since they are connected to one sheet by PLOTEL elements. I managed to to that, but it's quite a hassle. Figure: 1D PLOTEL elements connecting nodes of HEXA elements with nodes of QUAD shell meshes Therefor the next question: Is it possible to query elements by their type? For example in one component there are HEXA elements and PLOTEL elements, can I query then directly? What would be an efficient way, to get a list of all PLOTEL elements of one component or to get a list of all HEXA elements of one component? Okay, nevermind. I found what I needed. Data names in reference guide is a useful resource to create efficient queries. I leave this here, for others as reference.
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    We regret to inform you that the Student Edition license file which you received recently may not allow you to run an analysis or optimization with Inspire. We have identified the cause of the problem and kindly ask you to re-apply for a new license file. To speed up the approval process, please add the remark “wrong license” in the comment/note field of the license application form. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. P.S.: If you are in a hurry you may try the following: 1. Create a back-up/copy of the license file; 2. In the original license file remove the following features (actually entire blocks): Inspire InspireStampingOneStep InspireMotion InspireBase InspireTopology InspireStatic InspireCasting Only the following features will remain in the license file: HyperWorksEDU Acufieldview Evolve HyperViewTrans 3. Save the license file and restart Inspire.
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