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    I'm evaluating Evolve and trying to figure out to do basic things I'm used to in my other CAD package. Sorry if this is a stupid question. A. Let's say I create a circle and want to cut away a piece of it. I can divide the circle but can't figure out how to delete the piece I want. I get a message about smart delete that I don't understand. B. I want to create a line with an endpoint that is touching the circle and that is tangent to the circle. In my current CAD package the start point of the line travel along the circle when I drag the curser to fix the end point. Evolve seems to work differently. C. Let's say I manage to have my line and arch touching tangentially at their end points. Now I want to turn them into a single, continuous nurb. Which tool should I use? Thank you for your patience. EDIT: OK, I found out. Collapse construction tree to delete segment of circle. Join curve entities makes a connection. Rebuild curve makes it smooth. Segment tangency align makes a line tangent to the point you click but not the way I'm looking for (where the starting point moves aling the circle when you move the end point).
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    Hello. Why is the program documentation only on the Internet? If I do not have access to the Internet, then I will not be able to access reference information. Is it possible to download the program documentation?
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