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    弊社から発行しているライセンスファイルを、C:\Program Files\Altair\2017.2-edu\securityに保存する作業は既にされていますか?
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    My guess would be that static pressure would be typical, as that is simpler to measure, and doesn't obstruct the flow. Simply drill a hole in the side of the inlet and outlet pipes and put a tube there - flush to the inner/wetted surface. A total pressure measurement requires a pitot probe - where you install a device that protrudes into the flow and bends such that it points directly into the oncoming flow. I assume there's no harm in reporting both, but I would guess static pressure rise is typically reported.
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    Hey Hyperman! Thanks for your effort, you understand me well. I was lame and did not leave the z0 offset blank, I left there a 0 mm value. Thanks again, you are the real hero, not superman.
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    Hi, with the setting Z0=blank, the plies will be arranged symmetrically, i.e. half the laminate thickness on both sides of the surface geometry (see image attached). Or have I misunderstood what you are trying to do? composite_laminate_edit.hm
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    Hi Joel RBE 2 has infinite stiffness which holds component 2 components tightly Whereas RBE3 doesnt add any stifness used for load and mass transfer. Also rbe 2 can also used for load and mass transfer but rbe2 has stiffnesss component to it
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