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    Hi Paulo, 1. We can't control on the meshing. 2. If the parts are duplicate or overlapped, then this kind of error will come, and also check for the parts connectivity please share that model. 3. Yes the appropriate phase change would be here but this will not affects the calculation 4. Yes It is possible cooler system can increase the calculation time. you are getting the error because of meshing
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    Yes, you choose white color for your component and show it "By Comp". About mesh line color, you can change by "O" (option) => "colors' => mesh line
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    --- English --- If you are facing the strange issue when you using the HyperMesh/HyperView/HyperGraph and so on... Please try to delete the following Files/Folders, then you can reset the HyperWorks-Desktop products. First of all, please check the "Start-in directory". 1. Right click on HyperMesh/HyperView/HyperGraph short cut icon. 2. Hit the Property. 3. Check the "Start-in directory". 4. Close the all HyperMesh/HyperView/HyperGraph... 5. Delete the following Files/Folders. ・command.tcl (File) ・hmsettings.tcl (I guess this file is exist in MyDocument folder) ・hmmenu.set (This file is exist in install directory, Do not delete the install folder's file) ・batchmesher_config.cfg (File) ・hwsettings.xml (This file is referenced in HyperWorks Desktop) ・hwsettings.xml.bk (This file is used in HyperWorks Desktop) ・%USERPROFILE%\.Altair (Folder) ・%USERPROFILE%\AltairLibraries (Folder) ・%USERPROFILE%\hweDefaultWS (Folder) ・%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Altair (Folder) ・%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\.altair (Folder) ・%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp Search the files in start with "HM" name in this folder. (Files are remain if you forced termination in before) ・\Altair (I guess this folder is exist in MyDocument folder) Note: You can move to right folder when you paste the「%USERPROFILE%」to your explorer.
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    AcuSolve does not compute the lift and drag coefficients directly. It does, however, compute the forces on the body which you can then use to compute the lift and drag coefficients. The forces on the body are the x-traction, y-traction, and z-traction that are displayed as part of the SURFACE_OUTPUT (either in AcuTrans or AcuProbe). To get the lift and drag coefficients (assuming x is drag direction, and y is lift direction), you need to compute: Cd = 2*xTraction/(area*rho*referenceVelocity^2) Cl = 2*yTraction/(area*rho*referenceVelocity^2) The area that is used generally depends on the type of analysis that you are using. For airfoils, it is typically the planform area. For vehicles, it is typically the projected area. You can compute the projected area in a CAD package, using HyperMesh, or manually for simple shapes.
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