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    Hi, looks like the plyxfem functionality is still in beta version so it can only be set up manually with text editor. from Radioss help: plyxfem_0000.rad
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    I forgot ! for the model you can start from the page 167
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    Hey There a good book provided by Altair. Inc. You can find the basic of what you're doing. You can find as well the model described in details ... Cheers, Introduction_to_Nonlinear_Finite_Element_Analysis_using_Optistruct-Altair_University_(2018).pdf
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    This model is from OptiStruct Example Guide. Bumper_OS_Impact.fem
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    I have a similar problem as @ep2398 experienced. I converted Radioss A001 result files into h3d file utilizing HVtrans. In Hyperlife, different kind of stress results are available in time series and result can be seen in Transient Response as subcase. However fatigue analysis results are stiil receive as N/A for both damage and life. Why fatigue analyses can not solve the problem, though explicit analysis is performed time-dependent event with time dependent loads?
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