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    Hi Paulo, I dont think so that's the problem your space in your system is more than sufficient to run this model. When something comes like this next time, just restart the software and reassign the boundary conditions for your model.
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    Let me add another approach that I've just learned. There are many options to perform it but I’ve found this method very simple, flexible and self-explanatory. Summary: In the example, watertank.oml is the master file. It: changes the input parameters (controller gains) runs (repeatedly) the file Watertank_parm.scm (slave) collects results doing post-processing (plot) at the end. I’ve created a quick video to summarize how to run the demo. Present working directory must be where you save the files (the video shows how to select the pwd). Otherwise use an absolute path in the oml file. Liv ParameterSweeping.mp4 watertank.oml watertank_param.scm
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    Hi Alessio, Currently, SimSolid only supports static stiffness for bushing elements. Output of velocity.acceleration will be available in our next release. Girish
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    Great Sourav. Thank you for the suggestion! Surely the content will help a lot, I'll right now to donwload and read. Regards,
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