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    Hi. Then I think we should run the model without failure mode first to dectect the moment when the failure is expected!
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    You could project a slanted rectangle onto the outer cylinder. Select and copy the new face. Sweep the face to create a volume and subtract that volume from the cylinder. Repeat with an orthogonal rectangle. This should naturally leave you with the diamond shaped faces. Next, subtract a cylinder with a smaller radius from the bigger cylinder. Repeat with slanted rectangles on the inside. Finally, select, copy and sweep the diamond-shaped faces even deeper than the slanted rectangles to cut a hole through the outer conductor. Once you have swept a single diamond-shaped face, I would try copy and translating that volume down the length of the cylinder. Ideally, that volume would perfectly overlap the other diamond-shaped faces. This allows you to subtract the volumes from the outer conductor, but more importantly it could all be automated with a Lua script.
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    I would suggest creating a circle on the Construct tab in CADFEKO and then use the Copy + Rotate feature to replicate the circle around the circumference of the cylinder. You could then use the Copy + Translate feature to replicate the circles along the length of the cylinder. If you want to get fancy, you could write a Lua script that Copies, Translates and Rotates each set of circles. The circles can be Projected onto the cylinder and finally deleted. Please note there will be some warping, because the Project feature is not a Bend feature.
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    Hi, In the case of stranded coil in Flux 2X, if you don’t put any information about the material, this means that the permeability that you use is 1 (in other hand, thsi means that you use air as material). Best regards.
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