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    @Crashphys: Parallel run (SMP or SPMD) is for big analysis. When you use this method for small (18, 19sec in your case) analysis, there's NO sense. Try with a bigger analysis, about 4~5h of CPU.
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    Hi, You can deselect the several faces by following below steps., 1) After selecting entities, right click and click on deselect icon. refer image 2) Then left click and drag on the selected entities. The selected entities covered in that region will get deselected. 3) After deselection, right click and click on Single icon to select other entities. Hope this will help you. let me know if you face any issues init.
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    Hi George, As you can see in the picture, I think I managed to obtain a very accurate simulation of the brittle rupture. Now I'm wondering about how to quantify the effect of the percussion. I think a simple way to do it is to count the elements removed due to the total failure strain. Is there a way to count all the elements removed?
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