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    Thank you so much @Hyperman I got it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!
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    Hi, to check element quality use: check elements (F10) to check each quality criteria one at a time 2D>qualityindex can concurrently display multiple quality criteria (chosen in QI settings) Quality Index - Altair University
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    Hello, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have read your post, and follow excatlly the same way as shown in the topics. I will add try catch loop into my master script. If any progress, or interesting finding, I will add here. Have a nice day.
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    Dear Altair Teams, please find attached the starting document and data for the science hack this weekend. We would like to wish you a good start. Post your questions within this Forum. You might also upload data or models within this Forum. Thomas, Lorenzo, Jan and the Altair Team Altair_Climate_Model_StartHere.pdf ChallengeData.xlsx
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