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    I managed to do it (without any assistance, thanks). In the picture attached, a correctly BL is created on the wall component surface mesh and the attached symmetry plane mesh changed to connect with the BL created. The example (which I can share with anyone interested) consists of a brick object ("wall") inside a control volume with the following faces: inlet, outlet, symmetry and farfield. In order to create the volume CFD mesh from the existing 2d surface mesh I went to CFD tetramesh-->setup BL parameters-->setup tetramesh parameters-->Boundary selection: select "wall" in with BL (fixed) menu and the rest of the surface mesh (inlet, outlet, symmetry, farfield) in the w/o BL mesh (float). Leave all other options as seen in the image attached.
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    Hi, Sorry for this misunderstand, I mean the Flux project and not the FeMT project. I still working on it to find why we can’t solve it. Sorry for the delay. Best regards.
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