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    Yes, move it into an include, when exporting you will get 2 files link together, just change load in 1st file and keep constant data in the included file
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    Hope this may help animator SetCurrentStep 0 ::post::Draw set meas_id [client_handle AddMeasure "Relative displacement"] client_handle GetMeasureHandle mesr_handle $meas_id mesr_handle SetType "Relative displacement" mesr_handle SetDisplayMode x_comp True mesr_handle SetDisplayMode y_comp False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode z_comp False mesr_handle SetResultSystem -3 mesr_handle SetDisplayMode ID False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode Mag False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode System False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode label False mesr_handle AddNode $legend_max_node_id page_handle SetLayout 3 page_handle GetWindowHandle window2 2 window2 SetClientType "Plot" mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 0 "x_comp" window2 mesr_handle AddNode 90009601 mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 1 "x_comp" window2 animator Stop
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    Hello, the file you provided does not seem to contain any "overlapping edges". I could read it in SimLab 2019.1 without problems and tet-mesh it. Probably I did not understand correctly your problem, so I would kindly ask you to specify better the task you want to perform. Thanks
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    Could you share the simlab .slb files?
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    Have you tried the following : exec cmd.exe /k "<vbs file path>"
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    Thank you so much, It worked perfectly ! Best regards, Hugo
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    Hi Chris, the OUT file is written in the temporary folder indicated in the preferences: But in your case It looks like that the installation of the solvers (OPTISTRUCT in particular) was not done successfully. [OptiStruct is the internal solver of SimLab for Structural Calculations] My tips: - if you are beginningnow simulating with SimLab/OptiStruct, we recommend to use the new approach through the SOLUTION BROWSER, in SimLab 2019.1. - You can download SimLab 2019.1 from our website (Altair Connect). Download it together with the ADDITIONAL FILES, containing the solvers, and install it making sure the solvers are installed (check the options SOLVER ACCESS and OPTISTRUCT). See the installation Guide for more information. - You can find video tutorials on our SimLab learning center (link on the top-right corner of the SimLab GUI) - We have brand new SOLUTION TUTORIALS for the solver setup in SimLab - including step-by-step explanations. You find the tutorials in Altair Connect https://connect.altair.com/CP/downloads.html , under DOCUMENTATION: look for tutorials: SimLab tutorials are divided in 3 Parts (Modeling, Automation; SOLUTIONS). I uploaded the SOLUTION TUTORIALS also here, in case you have any difficulties. https://securefiletransfer.altair.de/link/3kF0212O3GKoO3fg8H3Oj9 MfG Alessio Librandi, Altair Germany
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    It's only working if you saving as an STL format. (As I know)
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    Hello, there are several ways to put two or more parts into contact in HyperWorks for the OptiStruct (and other) FEM solvers: 1) To have a defined identical and connected mesh node pattern on both contacting surfaces 2) To have a defined "FREEZE" Contact definition between non-identical mesh patterns The first way - identical mesh patterns - is described in the first flash video attached to this post. There is a second video that describes the creation of identical meshes in case of unconnected contact surfaces (gap between the two CAD parts) The third video describes the automatic seupt of FREEZE contact between multiple parts. I also attached the HM 2017 models to reproduce the videos. Best Regards Jan 01_03_Kontakt_Geom.hm 01_Mesh_Identical.swf 02_Kontakt_Geom_Gap.hm 02_Mesh_Identical_Unconnectes.swf 03_Contact_Freeze.swf
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