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    Hi Geraldo, FASTFR : This option is used to activate "The faster modal solution method" for modal frequency response analysis ! FFRS : The second means FAST Frequency Response Solver, used if you want to activate the external FASTFRS solver. This solver works well for a large modal frequency response. (You have to install it in advance). FFRSNCPU : used with FFRS. It's useful if you want to define the number of CPUs to be used by the external solver "FAST Frequency Response Solver". FFRSLFREQ : It's a threshold (cut-off frequency) used to partition your system into low freq and high freq. Cheers,
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    For OptiStruct : Control cards: PFPANEL : OUTFILE Panel participation can be exported either into a H3D file or a PUNCH file. Please refer online help for more details.
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