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    please Try this: variable list1 proc framework args \ { *createmarkpanel comps 1 "Please select the components "; hm_framework registerproc getorderedcomps graphics_selection_changed; *clearmark comps 1; } proc getorderedcomps args \ { variable list1; lappend list1 [noIntersect;]; } proc noIntersect args \ { variable list1; foreach item [hm_getmark comps 1] \ { if {$item in $list1} \ { continue; } else {set comp $item}; } return $comp } framework puts $list1
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    Thanks a lot This is exactly that I was looking for.
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    Hi Laura27 When you click on this link, HyperWorks student edition package will be downloaded which has the above-mentioned features. As you mentioned those aren't separate links but is a single link for HyperWorks student edition download. When the download is finished, install the software and use the altair_lic.dat file attached with the mail. Set the license file by creating an environment variable as described in the mail.
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    Do you see 'fid' variable has a negative value ? if so, you might not have the 'nodes.txt' in the current working directory. can you please make sure you have the file in current working directory, if not change the working directory or have the fullpath to the file. like: fid =fopen('C:/temp/test.txt', 'r') thanks, Manoj kandukuri
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    Do you know how they are welded in fact? Spot weld? Arc weld? Shape/size of weld?
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    Can you find it in STEP file? if no name is in step file, obviously you have to check your cad software first.
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    maybe, you copy & paste my code. Be not lazy, pls type it again, man!
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    Yes, I understand. you have to loop for each node, example: foreach i {1 2 3 4 5} {set SumP$i 0} File2Buff $dir buff set Count 0 foreach {line1 line2 line3 line4 line5 emptied} [split $buff \n] { incr Count foreach i {1 2 3 4 5} { set P$i [lindex [split [set line$i] ,] 1] set SumP$i [expr [set SumP$i]+[set P$i]] } } foreach i {1 2 3 4 5} { puts "Avg pressure at step $i = [expr 1.0*[set SumP$i]/$Count]" }
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    Hi John1989 The reference direction for the ports are different. This causes the 180 degree phase shift. You can change it for the MoM port as shown. For the FEM port, it cannot be set, and is assigned automatically internally.