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    It's not possible. When you split, 2 should be become 2x2=4 right? Do you use split mesh for Mechanical computation or CFD?
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    you need to use the other *createmark options for this. Take a look at tehe documentation for *createmark, and you'lll find more info. Try the ''on plane" option. and take a look at this topic.
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    Hello - I believe you have set up your Activate model, added the MotionSolveSignals block and connected it to other part of the Activate model. You might have to check the Path Preferences from where Activate gets information on which version of MotionView and MotionSolve needs to be used. In Activate - Use the File menu -> Preferences > Path Set the MotionView path to the ~hw_install/hwdesktop/hw/bin/win64 (I am presuming you are using Windows) Set the MotionSolve path to ~hw_install/hwsolvers/motionsolve/bin/win64 Set the MotionSolve license path ~hw_install/hwsolvers/common/bin/win64 The Python path is optional in case the MotionSolve model uses any python user defined subroutines. Regards Praful
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    Hi Prajwin, SimSolid is not a part of Altair Student Edition. HyperWorks 2019.X learning course is available still in the learning section. See the image below. We are preparing the examination of the same and will soon be released. It is in the final stage. SimLab learning course is available and we are yet to release a certification exam (i do not know the release date).
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    Hi, In the case of RBE2 elements, one node serves as the Independent and the other(s) the Dependant node(s). The Dependant node(s) simply follow the motion of the Independent node in the Degrees of Freedom that have been linked. These elements are useful to simply represent welds or to tie together two dissimilar meshes. One word of caution though is that RBE2 elements, as they rigidly link nodes together, can induce a stiffness to the model that may not be desired. RBE3 elements, on the other hand, serve to distribute loads without inducing unwanted stiffness. It is not an element to be used to model a connection, but rather an element to induce a motion in a node as a function of the weighted average of other nodes.
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    Have you take a look at these tutorials from OS documentation? First you impose a clamping force, then apply a small rotation and then run complex modal analysis. If that's what you mean by roatation, it is all there in this tutorial. OS-T_ 1370 Complex Eigenvalue Analysis of a Reduced Brake System.pdf OS-T_ 1371 Brake Squeal Analysis of Brake Assembly.pdf
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    Creating a bolt connector. i make a work around and create a mid node on the line and use a node to create it
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    Yes, it is. You have to break connection But i don't think it is a good idea. We can make a script to split quad strips, like a function in ansa Are you working with Japanese regulation? I know that jp regulation does not permit quad strips. I wrote a script to find them.
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    only mesh will be exported: something like this *feoutputmergeincludefiles 0 *createstringarray 4 "EXPORTIDS_SKIP" "HMBOMCOMMENTS_XML" "HMSUBSYSTEMCOMMENTS_XML" \ "HMMATCOMMENTS_XML" *feoutputwithdata "D:/Program Files/Altair/2020/hwdesktop/templates/feoutput/abaqus/standard.3d" "C:/Users/adriano/Desktop/model.inp" 0 0 2 1 4 *clearmarkall 1
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    INP can have geometry inside (I don't know) but from Hypermesh you can only export FEM entities into INP for Abaqus.
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    Hi, the issue is because the interface "impacteur vs foam" had dtmin=0.6 If the time step of a slave node in this contact becomes less than dtmin, the slave node is deleted from the contact and a warning message is printed in the output file. This dtmin value takes precedence over any model interface minimum time step entered in /DT/INTER/DEL. Because dtmin is quite high, a lot of nodes are deativated from the interface, therefore penetrating the plate. The recommended solid property parameters for material law 70: If there is hourglassing, use Isolid=17, however your model runs fine with the above. model16_edit_0000.rad
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    HyperStudyの最適化計算中に電源問題やライセンス問題で計算を途中で止めてしまった場合の リスタート計算としても使えます。
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