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    Hello Nils, The ToBase block creates a matrix at a given time it doesn't create what you want. Please use instead the SignalOut block. This will create an OML structure that contains the time and the data, for each channel( input). Thanks Fady
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    Hi, select all the bodies in the both models and click on Geometry > Model > Merge Icon. I will collect all the sele cted bodies and will place under a single model.
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    Hello Tetoldini You should find a Coupler entity under the Rackpin Steering system where you can change the coupler ratio. regards Praful
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    PFA sample example for Modal Transient Fatigue analysis. transient_sn_mcrv.fem
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    Hi hugo Please can u share us the tcl script. It will be useful for many users.... Thank you in advance!
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    Is it possible to save lattice structure as parasolid or step?
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    It's only working if you saving as an STL format. (As I know)
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    Move your custom macros under // User Page Macro Definitions it will appear. // HWVERSION_2017.2_Jul 25 2017_20:5:5 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Filename: userpage.mac // Purpose: Macro menu 'User' page definitions. // Version: HyperWorks // Altair Copyright: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // User Page Widget Definitions // // Note: Since relative row locations are used, the menu page is built from // the bottom up. // // The following templex test is used to see if the Tcl support buttons // should be added. //{ if ( getenv("HM_DEBUG") == "ON" ) } *createbutton(5, "TkCon ...", -1, 0, 10, BUTTON, "Launch the Tk Console.", EvalTcl, "tkcon.tcl") *createbutton(5, "GUI Toolkit ...", -1, 0, 10, BUTTON, "Launch the GUI Toolkit.", LaunchWidgetTour) *createbutton(5, "ProDebug", 0, 0, 10, BUTTON, "Connect to the TclPro debugger.", ConnectToDebugger) //{ endif } // User Page Macro Definitions *createbutton(5, "Add Washer", -1, 0, 10, BUTTON, "Adds a washer to the existing hole in the mesh.", "EvalTcl", "macroAddWasher.tcl") *createbutton(5,"SaveFile TCL",-1,0,10,GREEN,"Save file using TCL macro", "EvalTcl","E:\vipin\savefile.tcl") /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *beginmacro("ConnectToDebugger") // Purpose: To connect to a remotely running ProDebug session. // // Note: The pathname to the 'prodebug.tcl' script may need to be // modified to reflect your installation of TclPro. *evaltclstring("source /Program\ Files/tclPro1.4/win32-ix86/bin/prodebug.tcl; debugger_init;",0) *endmacro() /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *beginmacro("LaunchWidgetTour") // Purpose: Launch the HyperWorks Widget Tour dialog. *evaltclstring("::hwt::WidgetTour",1) *endmacro()
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