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    Hi, it is possible- please refer to the following documents and links: https://insider.altairhyperworks.com/free-body-diagrams/ https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/radioss-sub-modeling-cut-approach/ Free Body Diagrams.pdf Free Body Diagrams (FBD).pdf HM-9010__Free_Body_Diagram.pdf Subcase Specific Modeling.pdf
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    Hello Andoni, This is not an easy topic, depending on the geometry, the meshing process could be quite complex. You will find attached a ".pdf" explaining the meshing process in Flux. I think it will answer most of your questions. “Check mesh” option will verify mesh quality all over the geometry, including relaxation, shadowing and aided mesh. Meshing process also allows to identify bad quality elements, this information may help you to detect poorly meshed areas. Best regards. 4_Mesh-Altair_Flux.pdf
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    I ran an analysis w/ just the modal subcase here and it worked fine as you have it. I tried to run the optimization, but I don't have the latest version on our solvers. I get an error "acceleration card not supported for optimization" (or something like that). I suspect that is updated/fixed for the current version. I may be at the end of my usefulness. Good luck!
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    If element thickness was assigned via component, not directly by element, this command returns nothing. In this case you have to call "hm_getthickness component"
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    Hi, You have to pack after creating. ::hwtk::button $f.b1 -text "Text Button" -help "Text only" -command {*createentity comps name=component3} pack $f.b1
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    Hi Seckin, Set the -textvariable as a namespace variable, you can do the below hwtk::labelframe $w.lf3 -text "Defined List Only" hwtk::combobox $w.lf3.cb -values $beam_list -help "BEAM SECTIONS" -textvariable ::beam_sect puts "$::beam_sect"
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    Those undercarriage beams are not connected to the RBE3's in a sensible way. The RBE3 doesn't have any stiffness of it's own, so those undercarriage beams are essentially just floating around. I suspect you ought to extend those beams out another element-ish and connect into the center (dependent) node on the RBE3. That's one problem. Next, you can't constrain the center node of an RBE3 because it's already dependent on the nodes it connects too. If you still really want to constrain it, you could put something like a stiff CBUSH between the undercarriage beams and the RBE3 to break up the dependency. Then you can constrain the CBUSH grid, just adjacent to the center RBE3 grid.
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    If the node is common among different parts and you get an average value by part.If you select the option in contour panel average across component boundaries you will get one single value then you will just need to check the remove duplicates in the query panel.
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    Hi, Looks like the INIV/AXIS is not supported in Hypermesh. You can manually include the unsupported cards in the solver deck file with text editor. Attached is an example engine file from RD-E: 5501 Fan Blade Rotation Initialization fan_blade_initialize_0002.rad Tip: Ctrl+F to search for any keyword supported in HM (input in the upper right corner).
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    Try to put your commands in a proc & call this proc via -command ? Remember : the valid command is "*create....." not "create...."
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    Just plot the loads/networks results on a new Cartesian graph in POSTFEKO. The image below for a monopole with a load on the wire port and a plane wave over 3 frequencies solved.
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    Hi, When you extrude the faces you will create a volumes, you don’t need to assign any face region just you need to create a volumes region and assign it to the volumes. If you use the same material for all the volumes you need just to create one volume region and assign it to the volumes. To do it : • Click on the physic (in the top, not in the data tree) • Select volume region • Select assign region to volumes But if you have several region you need to create several volume regions and assign it for each volumes. To see the losses and the proximity effect, you need to use a solid conductor region for each volume. Don’t forget to assign the internal and external terminal for each solid conductors. To o dit : • Click on the physic (in the top, not in the data tree) • Select assign terminals to solid conductors Best regards.
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    I think it is because you defined mpc with only dof #6, if you define it with all dofs, hm will display all (I see all dof weights on my hm)
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