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    Hi, Deleting those files usually helps, Or you can write a .bat files like below: "C:/Program Files/Altair/2017.3/hm/bin/win64/hmopengl.exe" -nouserprofiledialog -uOptiStruct Search HyperMesh Startup Options in Altair Connect or in Help doc for more info.
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    Thank you very mush!I use it to check a solid.It shows Intersections found.But how can i see the intersection facets?
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    please Try this: variable list1 proc framework args \ { *createmarkpanel comps 1 "Please select the components "; hm_framework registerproc getorderedcomps graphics_selection_changed; *clearmark comps 1; } proc getorderedcomps args \ { variable list1; lappend list1 [noIntersect;]; } proc noIntersect args \ { variable list1; foreach item [hm_getmark comps 1] \ { if {$item in $list1} \ { continue; } else {set comp $item}; } return $comp } framework puts $list1
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    Hello @John1989 The FDTD solver currently only supports wire ports and edge ports, so you could use a pin feed to excite the waveguide if you want to solve it with the FDTD. You can refer to Example A-11 in the Feko Example Guide: The model that uses a pin feed to excite the horn antenna can be switched to and solved with the FDTD. It is on the development roadmap to support waveguide ports for the FDTD solver. If this is of importance to you, or if you would like to be informed when it is supported, please request this through the official support channels - see Altair Connect for support contact details or to create a support request. Kind regards Madelé
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    The following modifications were made: -for plane strain analysis, the elements must be defined in YZ plane and their normals have to be in the positive x-position, so the model was reoriented -P1_SHELL property is not allowed so it was changed to P14_SOLID -SHELL element type is not allowed so was changed to QUAD using 2D>elem types>2D & 3D>quad4 + pick all elements and update Rigid bodies were placed in a separate component without Part card image. However, rigids are not allowed in this type of analysis, so they should be deleted. rigid bodies also cause error 54 2D - achafl_edit.hm
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    Hi all, I am facing the following error in implicit nonlinear analysis. How to sort out the error? *** ERROR # 3019 *** TABLES1 bulk data entry ID=2 has a segment that corresponds to zero or negative hardening. This may lead to poor convergence and excessive plastic flow. Regards, Arul
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    beam section is assigned to property, not bar elem. from a bar elem, get its property (dataname: "collector.propertyid"} then from that property id, get beamsection id (attribute name: \$BeamSec)
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    Thanks a lot This is exactly that I was looking for.
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    Hi The corrected file is shared here. BENDING_0000.rad BENDING_0001.rad
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    Hi, if the last word of STR is "second" : set STR [string range $STR 0 [string last second $STR]+5] or regsub second.* $STR second STR
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