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  1. Thanks for your answer! Yesterday before your answer, I tried to delete de cfd geometry and do it again based on the optistruct geometry. The error dissappeared and the results may be acceptable, but I am going to apply your advice and use a time icrement of 0.01 to improve the results. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi! I have the same error but the max distance of my model is smaller than the max allowed gap. I have checked that the surfaces are the same size, shape and location in both models, so I dont know what to do. Anyone knows how to solve this error? Thanks!
  3. I want to transfer heat from a hot surface to a cold surface using convection. I have created a convection surface for both surfaces (hot and cold) and a node between the surfaces. Then, I have changed both surfaces type to slave and I selected the node between them as TA1 in the CONV card. The calculations run until the end without errors but the results are not the expected because there isnt any heat transfer between both surfaces. Do you know what i am doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
  4. Yes, you are right. I want to use the temperatures as imposed temperatures in the thermal transient analysis, not as initial conditions.
  5. The model runs until the end, but the temperatures field is not detected. Here is my .out file tunel_cc_tempfield.out
  6. Hi! I am working in a similar problem, do you have any solution?
  7. You were right! I had a problem with dimensions. Now that I have the field realized, what is the next step? I've tried to run Optistruct but in the results the temperatures of the field don`t appear, so I don't know if I have to include the field in the loadstep neither how to include it. Thanks so much!
  8. Thanks for your answer! I've follow your guidelines but when I realized the field and contour the temperatures, the values are 0 (see image below) Do you know why temperatures are 0? (in the .txt file the temperatures don't are 0)
  9. Hi, I am doing a heat transfer analysis (transient) with OptiStruct and I want to apply a distribution of temperatures to a solid face. I usually use TLOAD1 cards as DLOAD in the loadstep, and SPCD in the EXCITEID field of the TLOAD card. I know how to apply SPCD constraints when the temperature is the same for all nodes of the face, but I have a .txt file with different temperature values of each node and I don't know how to proceed. What is the procedure to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I am new doing heat transfer analysis with OptiStruct, and I need to solve the following problem: 2 coaxial cylinders (see image below) The inner Surface of the external cylinder (blue) is generating a heat flux, which makes to increase the internal cylinder temperature (by convection). I need to know the temperature of the small cylinder (yellow) and I don´t know how to proceed to solve this kind of problems. What are the guidelines to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!
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