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  1. Hi Tinh, Thanks but I still don't understand it. So I should create a new component and name that component "RBE2"? Then what will happen to my shell model? How can I assign it as a rigid body? Sorry but thanks a lot for your help. Best, Mushi
  2. Hi, I am in a fix right now. I have no idea how to assign the RBE2 to my shell elements. Could you elaborate more on the method? I did it like this: Properties --> Rigid section --> Rigid body I exported the elements into Abaqus and the error came out saying I must have a shell section before I assign rigid properties to the elements. How can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help and advice. Best, Mushi
  3. Hi fsch, You can go to tools --> Contact manager --> define interface --> then click on the "Parameter" option. From there, you can activate or deactivate small sliding option. Best regards, Mushi
  4. Dear all, I want to ask is it possible to set units in HM?? I always use consistent SI units of mm, kN, GPa, ms. After setting all the young's modulus material properties in GPa, I exported my input file and included a set of concentrated force in kN. However, it makes no sense because my model is deforming so much despite low concentrated force. my model is 80GPa and the concentrated force applied is around 0.02N. Can someone enlighten me regarding to the units in HM? Thanks a lot in advance. Best, Mushi
  5. Hi tinh, Thank you very much. It worked perfectly. Really appreciate your help. Best, Mushi
  6. Hi Raviteja, It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!!! Really appreciate your help!! Best, Mushi
  7. Hi Raviteja, Yeah, you are right. But how can I delete just the Tria elements without deleting the tetra elements? Best, Mushi
  8. Hi Raviteja, Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I just did that step but the same problem occurred. I have a look in the input file and noticed that I have two element types: one is S3 and another is C3D4. Do I also have to assign material properties for S3? Or can I delete the S3 elements? Best, Mushi
  9. Dear experts, I am facing a problem when exporting an input file to ABAQUS. It stated "---- elements have missing properties definition". I will explain the steps I took for this analysis. 1) Imported STL file in hypermesh 2) Tetrameshed STL model 3) Created material properties 4) Created property (solid_section) 5) Assigned to the tetrameshed model 6) Export to ABAQUS as input file Did I do anything wrong from the steps I mentioned above? Please correct and advise me some suggestions to solve this problem. Thanks a lot in advance. Best, Mushi
  10. Dear all, Is it possible to create one thin layer following the mesh line in Hypermesh? Imagine I have one hollow rod and I want to include another thin layer inside of it. (0.1mm). Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Kind regards, Mushi
  11. Mushi


    Hi Raviteja, Thanks a lot. Indeed it helped me solved the problem. Help appreciated!!!
  12. Mushi


    Dear all, I have a problem with the aftermath of tetrameshing. I have two different parts which can be imagined as a hamburger. The outer layer is bread and the inner layer is beef. I have to tetramesh them into two different parts so that I can assign different material properties to them respectively. But when I tetrameshed the parts one by one, they will end up with only one tetramesh model. How can I separate them into two different tetrameshed solid parts? Your help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Kind regards, Mushi
  13. I think usually this happen when you have unconnected elements/nodes. Did you check whether you have free edges? Try to go to Tools > edges > click on displayed elements > find free edges / T-connection. If you have free edges, edit them so they are well connected. Best, Mushi
  14. Dear Bindu, I am not sure about this. But I usually go to File > Import > Solver Deck. Change the File type: STL. Browse and select your file then import. It always worked for me Best, Mushi
  15. Dear all, Happy New year!!! Hope this new year will be a good year to all. I wanted to ask for some guidance regarding on the connectivity problem again. Imagine I have two steel rod with complicated surface (spiral). Steel rod B must fit inside of steel rod A. I tried the equivalence method to connect both parts together but when I did that, I faced penetration and T-connection problem. Can anybody teach me how can I solve this? I am really in need of help now. Been trying for months but still cannot solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Best, Mushi
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