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  1. Hi: In GUI of hyperview, it is possible to get the query result by node set which I created in hypermesh. Now I am trying to program this process by tcl/tk but I don't know which command can achieve it. I have read the command "poISelectionSet Add" but it can't choose by the set which I created in hypermesh. Has anyone done this before or have any ideas of how to do this? Thanks Kai
  2. Hi: I have a question about the example at "Query Control Demonstration Scripts". In Example 2 ========================================================================== The following example script will print the raw data of a displacement data type for all nodes: hwi OpenStack set t [::post::GetT] ::post::GetActiveModelHandle m$t m$t GetSelectionSetHandle s$t [m$t AddSelectionSet node] s$t Add all m$t GetQueryCtrlHandle q$t q$t SetSelectionSet [s$t GetID] q$t SetDataSourceProperty result datatype Displacement; q$t SetQuery "node.id result.value" q$t GetIteratorHandle i$t; for { i$t First } { [i$t Valid] } { i$t Next } { puts "data is [i$t GetDataList]" } hwi CloseStack ========================================================================== At q$t SetQuery "node.id result.value" this command, tcl return the error code. But if I input q$t SetQuery "node.id countour.value" , that is succesccful. So is there any process that i missed? thank you!!
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