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  1. i want to build a flow domain around the turbine. This i have tried in ANSYS but how to do same process in hypermesh.
  2. can anyone tell me what is the procedure to make or produce a flow domain around a solid body that i have imported from a CAD platform into hypermesh.
  3. sir i have tried to surface mesh the turbine using surface deviation option but the values of cell squish and equia skew i am getting are very high. what measures should i take to reduce those values to around 0.3 to 0.4. the link of the model is https://www.dropbox.com/s/owgwxc6vlmhs1dn/2dmeshturbine.hm?dl=0
  4. yes sir and i have to export it to ansys
  5. can anyone guide me how to start with the meshing of a radial turbine . what kind of mesh is suitable for a turbine what kind of errors i have to look for and how fine should be the mesh.
  6. sir 1.How do one find the stresses equivalent to von misses's stress as in 2d analysis. 2.Which stress option gives the value of von misses's stress in 1d analysis. 3.Are 1d stress results accurate to predict the factor of safety for a component.
  7. what is meant by all the stress options we get while analysis of 1d beam element for torsion. for example CBAR/CBEAM LONG. STRESS SAC
  8. sir this what it is showing in system info System Information: ------------------------------------------------------------ Machine: amd64 OS: windows Windows NT 6.1 User: sagar
  9. sir i am using window 7 64 bit currently . sir how to extract the system info.
  10. you should create load collectors first then go to analysis radio bar and select constraints or forces which ever you need to apply (but check that the load collector of that load is selected ).select nodes and apply forces and select the direction then give the magnitude of force. for constraints you need to constraint the rear suspension points .select nodes and apply constraints. i would recommend you should first go for free free run analysis in order to check whether your 1d elements are properly connected or not.usually 1d elements are not properly connected.
  11. workspace doesnt show up when i run hyperworks version 13.0 .i have switched the graphic display from intel graphic card to radeon graphic card but still the problem exists. can anyone tell how to resolve this issue
  12. i am trying to optimize the topology of this tub chassis to get the load paths of the load applied in the form of torsion,braking,acceleration and lateral acceleration. giving minimum element size as 100 i am doing this but it shows this design is not feasible can anyone suggest what is the problem. i have attached .hm file with the question.finally my objective is to minimize the mass of the chassis to convert this tub in space frame. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzyq7n9dfd9ds5a/topology2.hm this is the link for the .hm file
  13. thank you there was some connectivity issue it has been resolved.
  14. i have also tried putting the value of 9.81 m/sec^2 but the result is same
  15. when i am applying a deacceleration of 1120mm/sec^2 on the chassis it showing an error i am attaching the output file and the result file how it looks after applying deacceleration. i have also attached the orignal chassis image. applied deacceleartion is in +z axis. can anyone tell me why this is happening. error message.txt
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