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  1. Thank you for your answer, could you give me a screenshot of that tab ? I don't see the keep connectivity, also when choosing edges , it says that the biggest displacement was 0.03 , does it mean the mesh is connected ?
  2. Hi All Using the smooth option for a solid mesh ,I got a message like : largest displacement to final iteration :0.03, what does it mean? and why does the color of part of the mesh change to more dark? also when trying to choose a limited number of elements, it can only choose the surfaces and gives error that " no solid was selected"
  3. Thank you very much, But one question remains : How do I make sure, that after meshing, the mesh in the comon surfaces is connected? I see that sometimes Hypermesh applies slightly different mesh or nodes on two identical edge, or surfaces
  4. Hi All I know that in shell structures, when we have the midsurface, we verify that there are no free edges, what about two solid bodies, specially if I have had to trim the solid, since a part is revolutio and the other part is an extrusion, so they might need different meshing techniques ? how can I assure the mesh in continuous ?
  5. I have hide the other pipe ( with a lower diameter than this one) that intersects with this pipe on the inner circle as a shell. the ring that I have checked should be created, but the inner circle that I have crossed shouldn't be. Hypermesh creates it only cause there are those two nodes that create that arbitrary line among them and cause the inner circular curface also create. What I want is only the ring between the two pipes, like you see in the second image
  6. Hi All Sometimes I see nodes on the edge of a pipe, made of surface, that are not connected to any edge, but they create problem if you need to create a surface between the pipe and another one ,and make that surface distorted. also it can't be deleted using point edit > suppress
  7. Hi all I have a Solid ( the exhaust manifold) cylinder, where it seems like to be only shells but when I go to features like delete feature, it can be chosen as Solid. the adjacent pipes connected to this cylinder are already surfaces so I could extract the midsurface. how can I convert this middle solid cylinder to surface?
  8. I don't mean for hyperview, I meant to apply other load cases , like electromagnetic analysis etc
  9. Hi All Is it possible to import Abaqus ODB results in Hyperworks, to continue solving the problem if Abaqus has not that solver for example?
  10. Hi all what is the meaning of the number in tetcollpase blank which is by default set to 0.3 ?
  11. Hi All how should I choose the external surface of a spherical shape as a surface , when I also have meshed it ? I tried elements but the problem was that I could not use any option to select all the elements on the external surface, options like adjacent ,etc don't work
  12. Thank you very much. How do I reach this menu ?
  13. Thank you very much. Is there any article that I can read about compliance and weighted compliance ? also , why is the contact definition in optistruct so generalistic ? without allowing me to choose the contact surfaces? CONTACT 1 0.3 NORM
  14. what do you mean by load weight ? also , does compliance that I see in theory differ from weighted compliance? So you mean to remove the Volfrac variable?
  15. It is one load case, static, applied to nodes on a line.what was not clear for me was the error text, what does subcase mean ? I don't have the access to file to share it now
  16. It's a static analysis with PSOLID elements topology optimization. I followed the steps of a youtube video, but the model is not this one. maybe more non linear geometry. But I need to know what does the error indicate
  17. Hi All I am getting this error in topology optimization data check : Card "WEIGHT" is not allowed for this subcase type It's a 3D Solid problem with Wcomp and Volfrac, minimizing Wcomp and 0.3 Volfrac
  18. Thank you Ank, but I don't see thses options under Optistruct profile.
  19. Thank you dear George, where in help can I find the discussion about it ? can I change the profile in the middle of a model ? Why shouldn't I be able to define the contact type more precisely in optistruct ? isn't optistruct using RADIOS for every cycle of optimization? also one thing : if I will have to use optistruct, and the case is an optimization , how am I supposed to define the contact appropriately ?
  20. Hi all I was watching a video on youtube , where the contact creation brings the user to choose among the Contact Type 7 or Type 11, but what I see in lower versions is just CONTACT, GROUND, CONVECTION ,...etc I would like to know how to choose the Contact type in versions 13 and lower
  21. Sorry I thought magnitude % is for another use, found it.
  22. Hi All There's an option to change BC icon size in Hypermesh, but nothing like that for load. Where should I change the load vector size with respect to my model?
  23. When I remesh the meshed solids , sometimes I feel that the previous mesh has not gone away, and it's overlapped with the new one
  24. Is any answer found for this question guys?
  25. Hi All If I get mesh quality error, and even after disabling the mesh quality check I get a fatal error. how is it possible to remesh a meshed part ? does the mesh overwrites ? should I apply the correlating BC and loads again ? what about material and properties?
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