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  1. I tried with the updated one also.. It is also coming same Unexpected Error Could not verify your MCID. Please contact to tinh411@gmail.com
  2. Hi tinh, What is the MCID? and when i try to run this script it is also saying "COULD NOT VERIFY MCID". What should i do? Reg Karthi
  3. Hi, It's all about the node id's how it was placed in element card Check the elem card edit for the particular element. If the node id's are placed in anti clockwise then the normal is toward us (Red). If the node id's are placed in clockwise then the normal is Opposite(Blue).
  4. Hi , I just want to keep the shortcut for saving the Hm file. For this i prepared this code set hmDatabase [hm_info hmfilename] if {[llength $hmDatabase] == "0"} { set expFileName [tk_getSaveFile -defaultextension ".hm"\ -filetypes {{"HM Database" ".hm"}} -initialfile "ORIGINAL_DATA.hm"\ -title "Save as .hm file"] hm_answernext "yes" catch {*writefile "$expFileName" 1 } set hmDatabase [hm_info hmfilename] } if {[llength $hmDatabase] == "1" } { hm_answernext "yes" *writefile "$hmDatabase" 1 } Then i pasted this code on keyboard shortcuts window on Ctrl + S For the first time it worked in both cases 1. Fresh file ( which will ask the file name & location to Save) 2. Working file ( Which will save on the same file name & location) After some time it is working only on fresh file case. Any suggestions?
  5. Sorry i did't use the full line before... i got it thanks...
  6. Thanks.. i got the coordinates.. but the problem is i need the X,Y,Z values in different variables .. set cor [hm_nodevalue $nodeId] set x [lindex $cor 0] set y [lindex $cor 1] set z [lindex $cor 2] When i use this i m getting the whole X,Y,Z in Variable x itself. Help me on this!!!
  7. Thanks for the Reply!!! I need to use the translate option like moving the elements in mark 1 from N1 to N2 Ex: *createmark elements 1 displayed *createvector 1 0.7085 -1.6000 0.0001 *translatemark elements 1 1 0.2 Like this it is coming in CMF file. how do i get the vector for 2 nodes. I also want to get the coordinates of a node. when i try the following option it is saying it can be used only for points. hm_getcoordinates points 1 How do i create the points for the nodes in mark. Thanks in Advance!!!
  8. Thanks for the Reply!!! I have to check if component is not there it has to come out of the program.. For that i used the following command. if {$comp == ""} { break } But it is showing a HM error message as " invoked "break" outside of a loop " it should not tell any error message it should come out without it..
  9. Hi, My objective was to take images of components and save it in a folder. I used the following command to take the image *jpegfilenamed $compname But the problem is it is saving all those files in "MY DOCUMENTS" which is working directory. hm_info -appinfo CURRENTWORKINGDIR By using the command i can able to retrieve the working directory. I used the following command to change the working directory but it is not working set CURRENTWORKINGDIR "C:\folder" Help me on this.
  10. Actually it is available. *createmark elements 1 displayed set mascalc [hm_getmass elems 1] Mass = set mas [lindex $mascalc 0] Volume = set vol [lindex $mascalc 1] Area = set are [lindex $mascalc 2]
  11. How to measure mass using the tcl? *createmark elements 1 displayed for this mark i need to get the mass value....
  12. Hi,, I have an objective to print the mininmum and Maximum node & element id's of some 20 assemblies in a file. I have to neglect the nodes shared between other assemblies. But the problem is when i filter the other assembly nodes in my mark the nodes count is correct. but the min & max id's are not coming correct , So i used the sort option like set nodord [lsort -increasing $nodeList] But when i saw this list some nodes are not in order. and for some assemblies it'll change in descending order.. Is there any other order to sort. Help me on this!!!!
  13. Thanks for the Reply!! But, i tried both i did't get the results.. set i 0 *createmark elems 1 all set elemList [hm_getlist elems 1] set elemMin [lindex $elemList $i] puts -nonewline $fileId $elemMin when i print the "elemMin" nothing is there i want to print the mininmum id's of nodes,elements,materials,systems and system collectors in a file... And one more thing is i tried to deletemodel for importing new file... I tried *deletemodel *deletemodel 1 *deletemodel *answer yes wen i run this it is asking the user to select yes or no... Help me on this!!!
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