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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to launch python script file from HyperMesh. I mean that I have a .py in /MyDocuments for example. I would like to launch my macro HM. And then, in this macro, a command that launch my .py in /MyDocuments and continue normally. Or, I would like to check if a value exists for theta/mcsid in CQUAD4/CTRIA3 card. Using "hm_attributeindexvalue element $element_ID 3 -byid", how to check if a value exists or not ? Because trying this on an element which have no value returns "0". But "0" could also be a value for theta so... Thanks !
  2. Ok perfect, thank you, I'll take a look to that ! Another question about another subject. Is there a possibility to run the script without graphic interface update to improve calculation time ? Because I guess that show on screen every single action of the script involve a waste of time ? Thank you !
  3. Sorry but I come back, again ! I tryed this : But I would like to have : Option 1 - Option 2 - Option 3 - ReturnButton When I just add another "msgAlt Option3", it removes option 2. :/ And I don't find the "help page" of this function.
  4. Oh, thanks, that's perfect ! Just another thing in the same mind. I have two macros doing the same thing. One for nodes, one for elems. Is there a way to open a box saying "Would you like to play for : Nodes (option 1) - Elems (option 2)" In order to have one file instead of two.
  5. Hi, I would like to update some macros to make them more flexible. For example, I have some tolerance values written directly in the TCL file. It is better if the user can put the tolerance value when the macro is launched thanks to a dialog box. I found a way to do that but it needs the command window and I prefer a message like tk_messageBox. Can I do that ? Thanks for you help, Regards.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your answer. You say "Radioss/optistruct" options, but it works for HyperMesh operations anyway ?
  7. Hi, I have a problem. I check the intersection between a line and some surfaces. If there is no intersection found, the macro crashes. Is there any way to do "If error, continue anyway (and stock this line in this component)" Thanks. Regards, Cya.
  8. Hi, I am trying my macros on the command window in HyperMesh. Is there any function to clean all variables ? I tryied historyclear but it doesn't work. Thanks. Regards, Cya.
  9. Hi, I have a problem with HyperMesh. It uses only 900 Mo of my RAM (and can't go further) while it would be useful to use more for some operations. So, I would like to increase this limit level. Do you have any ideas to do that ? Thank you ! Regards, Cya.
  10. Thanks for your help ! Ok for the value, but how can I get the ID of incorrect elements ? Because using "save failed", and "retrieve mark", I'm not able to get them.
  11. Hi, I would like to create a macro which check quality of elements. I didn't find how to check an element for some specific values as aspect ratio, skew angle, or warpage. Do you have any ideas to do that ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Cya.
  12. I have a new problem described in the first post ! If you have something to help...
  13. Yes, I found it too in general2 ! Thanks for your help !
  14. I found attrib.lst file, but there is nothing inside. Only CID for CBUSH1D but nothing about X1, X2, X3 coordinates for CBUSH. :/ Edit: I may have something in general2, I'll take a look to that !
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