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    Hi Chris, 

    the OUT file is written in the temporary folder indicated in the preferences:

    But in your case It looks like that the installation of the solvers (OPTISTRUCT in particular) was not done successfully.
    [OptiStruct is the internal solver of SimLab for Structural Calculations]
    My tips:
    - if you are beginningnow simulating with SimLab/OptiStruct,  we recommend to use the new approach through the SOLUTION BROWSER, in SimLab 2019.1.
    - You can download SimLab 2019.1 from our website (Altair Connect). Download it together with the ADDITIONAL FILES, containing the solvers, and install it making sure the solvers are installed (check the options SOLVER ACCESS and OPTISTRUCT). See the installation Guide for more information.
    - You can find video tutorials on our SimLab learning center (link on the top-right corner of the SimLab GUI)
    - We have brand new SOLUTION TUTORIALS for the solver setup in SimLab - including step-by-step explanations. 
    You find the tutorials in Altair Connect https://connect.altair.com/CP/downloads.html , under DOCUMENTATION:

    look for tutorials:

    SimLab tutorials are divided in 3 Parts (Modeling, Automation; SOLUTIONS).
    I uploaded the SOLUTION TUTORIALS also here, in case you have any difficulties.
    Alessio Librandi, Altair Germany
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