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  1. Marc: Just a short recommendation from my experiance: - 16Gb of Ram might be sufficient depending on the size of your models - Definitly invest in an SSD! Especially if you run simulations which run out-of-core this gives you a huge performance boost. Most of the time it's much cheeper to put the SSD into a new laptop on your own, than buying it with the laptop itself - The GPU you need is also depending on the size of your models. If you edit just small ones, a cheeper GPU will do the job. If you have bigger models (geometry and FE) invest in a more expensive one. Please also check the compatibility list you find in the HyperWorks help. Regards Stefan
  2. Hi, I'm trying to optimize the stiffness of a structure to a specific displacement value by changing material properties. This works fine so far but I did not figure out yet how I can set my objective that the displacement response has a specific value at the end. Simple example: I have a straight beam with an axial load. I want to run an optimization changing Young's modulus of the beam in order to get a nodal displacement of 2mm. Best regards Stefan
  3. Is there a way to rotate an entity around an axis of a local coordinate system similar to the translation feature?
  4. Thank you! hm_blockmessage speeded my algotithm up by a factor of --> 10 <--
  5. Thank you, but unfortunately it's not working. The surfs aren't temporarly highlighted anymore but as soon as you enter a panel and go back the surfaces are plain white again. I more or less accidentally worked around the problem by calling a commandfile in my TCL script. *trim_by_offset_edges did not work when I called it in my script (it worked if i executed the command in the command window) but it did, executing a cmd file. After that command all highlighted surfaces are not highlighted anymore :-)
  6. If think that I've seen a command which allows to user to disable screen updating in order to increase the speed of a macro. Unfortunately I can't find it any more... Could someone give me a hint?
  7. How do I mark the lines which surround/are connected to a surface? *createmark lines 1 "by surfs" 1 2 3 ...doesn't work for me. Regards, Stefan
  8. I was wondering what the difference between the query and modify commands is. For example: hm_createmark and *createmark are doing the same as far as I see but why are there both? Regards, Stefan
  9. I am selecting 3 nodes somewhere in my model in order to define a plane using the *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select 3 nodes!" command. In the process of the selection I am using the plane/line/edge highlight feature provided by HyperMesh(I keep pressing the LMB until it turns to a rectangle and then select a geometric feature). The problem is that the highlighted surfaces stay highlighted even after I've pressed the "proceed" button. Is there any way to undo the selection? Regards, Stefan
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