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  1. Check the element type and load type for the subcase. That might help is solving the problem
  2. Hi, how can I create a excel sheet using the component view which got entities,id's,properties,thickness, material and mass. Thanks
  3. did u assigned pfluid for the psolid property and check whether you attached the psolid to the component?
  4. The problem is with some rigid spider elements....check the connection between the tubes, point where force is applied and also in psolid property card image select pfluid for FCTN
  5. Hi, In control card PARAM there is a option CHECKEL. Select that option and select no under CHECKEL_V1. That way you can skip element check. KK
  6. Hi friends, Please help me out!!!!! *** ERROR # 160 *** Gram-Schmidt reorthogonalization did not converge. This is caused by ill-conditioning of the shifted matrix in Lanczos run. (e.g. zero lower bound specified for a model with rigid body modes.) Solver error no. = 728 subcase id = 1 This error was detected in subroutine splncz. This error occurs in module "slvdrv". How to solve this error?... Thanks..
  7. Hi, I was working on optistruct and came across a new error and error description is given below: A fatal error has occured during computations: *** ERROR # 155 *** Three numerical factorization in a row failed. Probable cause is that there is a massless mechanism in the model. Solver error no. = -729 subcase id = 1 Check the model and rerun the problem. (osdiag,46,1 may be used to check for massless rigid body modes.) (WARNING: results obtained with osdiag,46,1 cannot be used because the model is changed internally.) Can someone help me please?
  8. Hey guys, PFLUID FUNCT is selected in my model. but I'm still having same problem?..Is there any other mistake?
  9. Hi Friends, The results from Nastran and Optistruct for the same model will be same or different? Does Optistruct follow any kind of particular unit system? Thanks. KK
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