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  1. So is this possible with an LS-Dyna input file?
  2. I guess this not possible or harder than I thought it would be???
  3. I have a curve plotted in HyperGraph. I can add a noted to the graph that is attached to curve and shows the static value (Y axis value) of the curve at the location when the note is attached. I want to however show within the note the "current" value of the curve when animating. That is, for the note attachments point to follow the current time value during animation? I'm sure this must be relatively easy to do but can't find the correct Templex command(s)? Thanks.
  4. I have just installed HW 2017 and ma playing with the new options in the part browser, namely the partset and configuration panels. Maybe I understand the functionality incorrectly however I don't understand the response I am see from the configuration panel. If i create a new configuration and add a single part or even part set to it and then activate it I see all my parts switch on even though they are not within the new configuration? Additionally if I deactivate the configuration all the parts that just become active do not deactivate (which I guess is correct because they aren't in the configuration)? In fact if i make a new configuration and add nothing to it at all and activate it all my parts are activated even though it is empty?? What am I missing about this functionality? Thanks. Richard.
  5. Attached. Thanks. Richard.
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have deleted all the settings files mentioned however this has not rectified this problem? Any more ideas? Thanks. Richard.
  7. Within HyperMesh when I attempt to access Preferences->Keyboard Settings I get an error message as per attached. I have reinstalled HyperWorks but this has not helped. What can this be? Thanks.
  8. Hi, has anyone got an autosave script (or some other way of doing this) for HM14.0? I would love a script that would, lets say, save every hour automatically to a new sequenced version of the file. Thanks for any help. Richard.
  9. I have a large model that I have many assemblies that I can turn on and off via entity state browser. On my model when i turn off a particular assembly, by off I mean both turning off both active state and export state, and then export my solver deck (in this case LS-Dyna) Hypermesh is writing out all of the nodes for the assembly that is switched off. The nodes are written out but not the elements? Why is it writing out these nodes at all as export state is off? If there are orphan nodes in my model for some reason is there a way to clean the model? When I turn the assembly's export state back on and export it it exports perfectly well and there re no additional orphan nodes (I check this in LS-Prepost). What is going on? Thanks. Rich.
  10. I have defined a contact surface which has many segment faces in it's segment set (using LS-Dyna profile). I wish to make another contact surface based on the first contact surface definition while keeping the first unchanged. How can I copy the first definition as a starting point for the second? In the first I have manually selected many segments and I don't want to have to do it again. I want to be able to copy the first than add in/remove different parts as a different design configuration and just alter the first contact surface definition accordingly (i.e. copy it then make the appropriate changes). I don't seem to see any option to be able to copy a contact surface into a new contact surface? Is there a way? Thanks. Richard.
  11. Within the entity state browser tab within HM I can select/deselect components and other entities to appear in particular configurations of my model. Is there a way of saving a particular configuration including all relevant enities so it can be easily retrieved to "rebuild" a particular config? Currently I may have a model with many options available and to build a specific configuration i will need to select it's particular options such as components, sets, contact surfaces, contacts and deselect non appropriate ones. This process is ok for components since I can place these into particular assemblies which can be switched on and off easily however entities such as sets, contacts and contact surfaces can't be placed in assy's so i need to individually remember to select/deselect these items as i change configurations which is a pain. What would be good is to be able to save a particular config within the entity state browser that included all entities that could be simply selected to turn on and off all relevant entities belonging to the chosen configuration. Is this at all possible currently? Thanks. Rich.
  12. Being new to HyperMesh I'm sure there is any easy way to do this but it currently eludes me. I simply have surfaces with edges perfectly overlapping each other. I need to select these edges independantly but can't seem to figure out how to do this easily. Is there a selection filter of some kind that allows me to pick each edge independantly? Thanks. Rich.
  13. Thanks cae developer, I fear you re correct in Altair promoting their own code. Anyway I will try what you suggested, thanks alot for the tip. Rich.
  14. I am a new HyperMesh user and am learning it in context for LS-Dyna. When creating a bolt though the connectors browser for LS-Dyna the only type available is a spider type (I assume this just creates a Constrained Nodal Rigid Body between the two parts). When under the Radioss user profile making the same selection brings up many other bolt types, one of which is GENERAL which creates a spider at each end with a beam in the middle, exaclty what I want. Is the fact that Hypermesh does not create this same bolt type for LS-Dyna a limitation of Hypermesh or of LS-Dyna? I can go and create the bolt manually for dyna in a caouple of steps so I'm not sure why it would not be possible in Hypermesh for the Dyna profile? Is this functionality going to be added for Dyna or am I missing something completely? Thanks.
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