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  1. You could change the element formulations with some advanced formulations (e.g. QEPH etc.).
  2. Just send the displayed elements to the solver. It is very easy.
  3. Hi Ekrem, Follow my posts about parallel processing. You could find some useful information in there. You could also send me pm. I'm not very good at PBS configuration but I know the commands. We use Microsoft HPC Server. Regards, Erman
  4. Hi, You should learn a bit about solution logic of the model. There are 3 options: 1. Incore Processing 2. Outcore Processing 3. Mincore Processing If your ram level is enough, incore is the best, no extra swap space usage. Outcore uses both ram and swap space in a balanced way. Mincore uses mostly the swap space and leastly the ram.
  5. Hi, Have you tried dos2unix conversion? Maybe it could help. I was experincing a problem like that and dos2unix conversion helped me alot. Another thing is keep your solver executables and c/c+ libraries up to date.
  6. increase your virtual memory, update your graphic cards drivers, use the latest altair updates.
  7. hi, you could rerun your analysis if you use explicit solver, just add a "rerun" option into your engine file (i.e. replace "run" to "rerun"). error code is important also, if any.
  8. hav your ever tried to check the v11 tutorials or manuals, there exists too many sample material cards. you could also try to google it with the true keywords, i usually do that
  9. one basic method is (not always gives perfect results but i usually use), - backup your data first, - open the abaqus model with abaqus template, - change your template from abaqus to radioss bulk, - update all elements (1d and 1d&2d), - export it and import it with the new template, - check your model let us know that it worked or not
  10. hi, if there exist a termination error, you should check your *.out file and debug your error code. you could also share it with us. do you work on block 100/110 data or on bulk data by the way? which version do you use, have your performed all the latest radioss updates?
  11. sometimes it could be because of the dos2unix conversion and the project template. try changing your template, update all elements (1d, 2d, 3d) and then export and import it. try these combinations.
  12. wear means element birth and death, do some search about these keywords in the manuals.
  13. i'm not sure but i think it gives us the peak stresses when in that mode shape an natural frequency. modal analysis means eigenvectors and eigenvalues, so those stresses occurs when in that mode.
  14. Have you ever tried EIGRA card ? It is a different method. Do some search from the manuals, it will help you.
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