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  1. Dear sir, it's fine...but if you do know how to settle this problem later on, let me know yaa.. nice to hear from you Sir...
  2. Currently, I'm facing Error #1481. The details as follows; *** ERROR # 1481 *** in the input data: Control card without the name in the first field. (Possibly missing trailing comma in the preceding card, missing BEGIN BULK card or line before BEGIN BULK has trailing comma) Could anyone please tell me what should I do?:-k ....Thanks
  3. Dear hexagon, FYI, i'm using ver. 10 There is Example 22.1 (Ditching using SPH) but without details explanation as tutorial. Since I'm still new in this software, it's kindda difficult for me to understand. Unfortunately, in the tutorial the closet example is Boat Ditching tutorial. Specifically, that tutorial use an interface between fluid and boat (CEL), not totally sph...#-o So, if you have any tutorial that happened in your possession, would like you share with me? Thanks...
  4. Hi there, I'm still new with RADIOSS. Therefore, I'm looking for the example of SPH that is employed in the RADIOSS. Appreciate if anyone can help me...o:) Thanks...
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