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  1. hi everybody, actually my question is related to both hypermesh and hyperstudy while adding model parameters in hyperstudy for optimization, i get only the thickness of the parts directly from the hypermesh model but i have some other dimensions also to be used as optimization variable how do we define parameters in hypermesh so that we can get the optimization variable directly in hyperstudy? like distance between any two nodes is it actually possible? help me if anybody knows it? Sharad
  2. hello everybody i am doing an optimization study of an energy absorbing thinwalled structure. what i want is to maximize is the specific energy absorbtion. but i am having problem building an expression for it. like SEA=Energy absorbed divided by mass of the model i can calculate the mass in hypermesh but how do we define the mass of the model in hyperstudy to build the expression also another case is i want to maximize the crush force efficiency efficiency= average force divided by peak force i can get the data of the average force from the hyperview and hypergraph but how do i define it while building the expression in hyperstudy? please help me out... Sharad
  3. Thank you, that was helpful...
  4. hello everybody, i am doing a simulation of the crash of a square tube crashed by a solid plate. i am interested in the reaction force by the tube throughout the crash distance. i am using LSdyna solver... i used the ascii output RCFORC but the result is not found as expected. and i was suggested to use SECFORC as my output result. can anyone please help me find out the difference of RCFORC and SECFORC. thanks sharad
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