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  1. As it shows,there is an unknown item "1" besides the panels defined in an panel participation bar plot.My question is what does it mean and how does it come out
  2. May be you should try again with define curves button instead of build plots buttons
  3. Just like my question,i also want to export the db20 transformed curve data.But the same result as yours do i get
  4. In an acoustic analysis,we usually get the pressure value,not the sound pressure level. so after the db20 transformation within hypergraph,how to export the db20 format spl value By now,i use hypergraph to export the curve data.it just output the pressure value Maybe you have found that there is a difference between the dbA data in nastran results and the correspongding dbA which is transformed with the same pressure data from nastran in hypergraph using the same reference pressure.
  5. Maybe you can run an analysis for modes under the same boundary condition to see how the modes vibrate
  6. you must be cautious that when you apply an acceleration load on the structure ,the corresponding dofs at the nodes should be released;Or the acceleration load cann't be applied.The other settings are as the same as frequency response analysis under force load
  7. In optistruct profile,when i specify the stress result at corner and center option for shell elements ,the two types of result seem to be the same as that of the center location?But the same model'result in nastran profile are different(the stress location result option is effective) Does that mean the location setting in optistruct is useless? i wish to attach the two types of result in contour plot image,but it seem to be unavailable in the post page
  8. i'm not sure but maybe because of a bug, try exiting and starting the app again or try to export your model and then import it again. It should be the bug which have the same problems as before but i usually coped it by deleting the command.cmf and hmmenu.set file in the hm file foleder after exit the hypermesh and restart hypermesh again This time i try to use the same way ,eventually i fail
  9. As the subject show,in my model (1d cbar elements dominant in the model) Some cbar is duplicated and can only show with element id label on but when i want to use F10 check the duplicates to save failed for easy deleting,the F10 cann't find the duplicates. A few days earlier,the F10 still worked Can anybody give some advice thanks in advance
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