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  1. Thanks, knew it would be around there somewhere but couldn't quite locate it.
  2. Anybody got a list of all the outputs abbreviations in the time history, T01 file? Would be useful for knowing what I am plotting in Hypergraph. I mean the things like RIE and RKERB. I tried looking in the Radioss manual but couldn't find it. Cheers for any help
  3. First of all apologies for posting this in here, there doesn't appear to be a dedicated Hypercrash section. PLease link me to it if there is. I am doing some simulations on crash structures which involve a section of the chassis, a metal plate and then an impact attenuator made of various materials. These 3 parts need to be joined together. Joining the chassis to the metal plate is fine, as they are both shell elements so I can just use the weld. However, some of the attenuators are meshed as solids and none of the connectors seem to work for this. Are there any that work? And if there isn't, is there a way to get round it. The connection needs to be fairly rigid, although it's not being investigated in this current work so the exact details don't matter so much. Thanks
  4. Firstly I apologies for what is probably a really simple question but the solution is eluding me. I am running some impact simulations in Radioss after pre processing in hypermesh and setting the conditions in hypercrash. The simulations work fine, but they take rather a long time so I was wondering if I could pause them and restart later? I see that the solver writes a .rst file every so often but nothing I do seems to get it to continue. I am using radioss block 100 if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help
  5. Cheers for the reply. I'm pretty new to the software and am self-teaching it using the built in tutorials. All of these use nastran format so that's why I followed them. Just tried exporting as radioss block 100 and I get the error "Name not found in attribute database". As I say I'm pretty new to this so I've no idea what this means, any help is appreciated
  6. Hi, I'm doing some crash simulation for the impact attenuator in the formula student competition. The attenuator comprises of two different components made of 2 different materials. I have set the models up in hypermesh with 2 separate components and export the solver deck in the nastran format. However when I import into Hypercrash it has merged the two components into one solid mesh. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot
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