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  1. HELLO,EVERYBODY! when i check elems with 'Check Elements(F10)' (HYPERWORKS 11), in the time subpanel i'm not clear about the function HM_CALC_TIMESTEP. how i gonna do can meet the 'failure criteria' the HM_CALC_TIMESTEP predefined? now my model's property is shell, could the results of 2d elems checking affect the time subpanel results of minimun values? how? please help me!#-o
  2. #-o Hi everybody! I'm a freshman here. i trying to run an analysis but fellow this errors *** ERROR # 1026 *** in the input data: Duplicate ID's not allowed. Detected while reading line 2412 from file E:/works/dump truck/Truck_PARTS/Side Board/for analysis/analysis results/classic_model_2D_mesh_1207.fem: "RBAR 9955 9828 9828 123456" i couldnt understand what the number meaning of the RBAR. does it mean some ID of the spotWeld? i just know the ‘123456’ means a predefined d.o.f. constraint. weldpoints superpose on the d.o.f.? i checked it's not. please help me. Thank you very much!
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